Wednesday, January 30, 2008

good, bad, reverse

What is with this winter? I feel like we've been unknowingly transported to a parallel universe or something. Everything about it has just been "off". We had way more snow than is typical for us in December. And here in January, when we normally have tons of snow, we've had next to none. We just had our second major warm snap, and are now paying the price as it comes to an end. So far in the last hour, the temps have dropped from 52 to 28, and they are supposed to continue to drop throughout the morning. So you can imagine what has happened to the roads since it rained much of the night. And just like three weeks ago, the winds are back. 70+ mph gusts. I guess the good news is that we're going to see some snow today as well. Just so abnormal. Has everyone's winter been so totally uncharacteristic?


Sweet little Maxidoodle never ceases to amaze me with his toughness. The poor fellow is really down and out. He first got sick early last week. Had a fever and some general malaise. But he was better and went back to school on Thursday. But then on Sunday, he started coughing a bit, nothing major. Monday I got a call from the school nurse. He had fever again. After I picked him up, he just lounged around on the couch. That night his cough went to scary new heights. My chest hurts just listening to him. The doctor isn't sure exactly what ailment(s) he's suffering with. Put him on an anti-biotic because he heard something in his one lung. Also took some nasal swabs (which got a scream out of the normally stoic little guy!), because he thinks he may also have this one particular virus due to the look of his eyes. Saying Max's eyes are bloodshot is an understatement! It breaks one's heart to just look at his sweet little face! And yet, does he complain? No. Not one little bit! As nice as it is in some ways (at least compared to his drama-queen sister who acts as if she's on her death bed with every case of sniffles), I really wish he would complain sometimes (well, about things other than his siblings and what I'm serving for supper, that is). Back at the beginning of the month, Maxidoodle had strep throat, and we never would have known to take him to the doctor if it hadn't been for the fever and the rash. Anyway, the doctor said that the Maxidoodle will probably be sporting this fever through the weekend. We're to be in touch tomorrow.


Eva gave me the You Make My Day Award. Some things just have a way of leaving a smile on your heart, and the things she said about me definitely did that! Especially coming from her...I've only recently "met" Eva, but she's one of those people who would leave me feeling intimidated (she's so intelligent and well-read) if she wasn't just so darn nice. So anyway, thank you, Eva! And I will be passing this along...hope to get to that post later today.


Melody said...

Aww...poor Max! I hope he gets better soon! I have passed the same award to you as well. ;)

gail@more than a song said...

I hope Max feels better soon!
I think our weather has been a little unusual for us in the South too, probably colder than we usually have for longer periods of time! Which is nothing for you....we get cold but this time it's seemed to stay around longer. It was fairly mild yesterday and then the winds must have been blowing almost 50mph last night and another cold front has come in.

Lis Garrett said...

Oh, the poor little guy. :-(

Jacob is the same way. Never complains. He was sporting a nasty ear infection once, and I didn't even know he was sick until he vomited. Little men try to act tough, don't they?

Jean said...

Here's hoping Max is stingy and doesn't share his germs with the rest of the family! Norovirus has run through some of the elementary schools here as well as some of the university dorms. Again, I'd prefer those folks not share. Hang in there!

Nymeth said...

Poor Max...I hope he feels better soon!

PS: Eva and Melody were not the only ones to give you this award :P

~**Dawn**~ said...

Poor Max. That certainly isn't the norm when it comes to boys being sick though. At least not in my experience. ;-) I hope the little trooper feels better soon.

I wish I could say whether or not we're having an abnormal Winter, but this is only my fifth one in Florida, and I really don't know what's normal or not! I know we were warmer than normal for a couple of weeks when we were hitting 80, because they commented on it on the news, but that's about it. We've had our share of chilly days (for us) but most days are 40s in the morning & low to mid 70s for the high.

Carl V. said...

Congrats, you and your family make our day often!

Hope Max is on the mend very, very soon.

We had similar weird warm to cold weather yesterday that included snow and crazy-bad winds. It was wild.

Chris said...

:( Get better Max! That's so sad...Keep us updated on how he's doing!

We had the same weather yesterday, though it was "New Orleans-ified" aka, not so cold! It went from 70 degrees to 40 degrees with wind gusts of probably about 30. Your weather just sounds miserable!

And if I weren't feeling so lazy yesterday, you would've gotten a 4th "You make my day award" :) I just didn't have the energy to pick 10 people :P I'm a horrible friend...but you most certainly would've been at the top of my list!

Kim L said...

Ugh I can sympathize with your weather. It went from 30 degrees (toasty warm for a MN winter) to -14 with windchills of -40. Yuck.

Hope Max gets better soon! Being sick is no fun this time of year.

Jennifer said...

Poor little guy. I sure hope Max is feeling better quick!

Our weather has been very unusual too. The temps going back and forth, from coats to short sleeves to coats and so on. It's nuts! And the fact that we've actually seen snow (albeit only a little) 2 times already this year. Crazy for sure! And as much as I love snow, I'm thankful it doesn't get quite as cold here in the south as up north. I can't imagine dealing with some of the temps I've been reading about!

Debi said...

Thank you all so much for your well wishes for the little guy! Seriously, that always touches a mommy's heart!