Saturday, January 19, 2008

the week in blurbs

I can't believe it's been so long since I've posted. Too busy and too boring...that about sums up why. I could live with a little less busy, but have been grateful for the boring.

*First and foremost on my mind is my wonderful husband's return...just one more day to survive! His plane lands shortly after 10:00pm, so if all goes well, he should be walking through the front door by 11:30.

*I have been immensely thankful for the incredibly abnormal January weather we've been having. Only having one 3" snowfall during a two-week stretch on January is simply unheard of. What I did to deserve it I'll never know. The lake effect snow machine is supposed to kick in this afternoon and last for at least several days, but that's just fine with me. As long as I'm not the designated shoveler, I adore snow!

*I had a totally "ick" moment this week. I don't often get those mmmmmmm-type feelings about celebrities. I've been crushing on Joe Sakic (of the Colorado Avalanche) for many years, but recently it's all about Skeet Ulrich. So, where does the "ick" come in? Well, a few days ago the latest TV Guide showed up in the mail. (Now, why we get TV Guide is beyond me...we never ordered it, we never paid for it, heck, we don't even watch much TV...but it just started showing up a couple months ago.) Anyway, Annie starts flipping through it and comes to a picture of the hot Mr. Ulrich. She says, "Mom, isn't this the guy from Jericho? He's cute." I simply said, "Yep, I think so, too." And she says, "No Mom, I think he's really cute!" Hence, the "ick" moment...realizing that I have a celebrity-crush on the same person as my 10-year-old daughter. Something just not quite right about that!

*I got the coolest surprise in the mail this week...a great new book-bag from Jean, my incredibly sweet cousin-in-law whom I've never even met. (Is cousin-in-law really a word?) She made it with a technique called discharging. (Jean, please correct me if I got that wrong...for whatever reason, I keep trying to call it dispatching, but I know that's not right.) She also sent Annie a bag, but I'm too lazy at the moment to go get a picture of it.

*I'm a big, fat liar. I know I said that I wouldn't be buying any new books until at least my birthday. Well... See, B&N just had to send an e-mail flaunting their big clearance sale. So I just popped over for a quick minute. That turned into two minutes, then three... Come on, I know you can relate! Anyway, I came away with this pile of seven books for a mere $25! Hey, I needed something to put in that cool bag, right?

But now I mean it, really...NO MORE book buying until my birthday!

*Annie and I finished up the second quarter of the school year...woohoo! Halfway through 5th grade! I even managed to get her progress report written, which is always a big relief. Now I guess I'd better figure out what we're going to do for the third quarter, huh?

So, as you can see, certainly not an earth-shatteringly exciting week. But in my mind, survival is always a good thing!


Joy said...

I WANT ONE! :) I love that blue jean bag. And, of course, the stack of books look like a pretty good bunch to go into it.

cj said...

That bag really is cool! And I see Dr Jeckyll and Mr Hide and Dracula in that pile! How wonderful! Congrats on making it through and I hope the snow holds off until the hubby is safely in the door.


Nymeth said...

The bag is gorgeous! And only $25 for all those books...who can blame you!

Lis Garrett said...

Hooray for returning husbands!! I just looked out the window, and the snow is coming down fast and furious. I hope the roads stay clear long enough for Jacob to play safely at his friend's house and for Ian to get back from errands. After all these years of living in the north, I can't shake the southerner in me who is TERRIFIED to drive in even a little bit of snow.

PS - And don't feel bad about crushing on the same guy as Annie. Both Hannah and I have crushes on Zac Efron. YIKES!! Although, lately I'm smokin' hot for James Marsden. ;-)

gail@more than a song said...

YAY for hubby getting back today! I know you're so excited.
How fun to get a new bag, and of course books are the perfect thing for it!
Glad you didn't have to shovel snow every day while he was gone!

It's actually pretty cold here, for the south anyway....missed the snow though, darn it. I've been gone a week and am now home and trying to catch up and clean up!

Carl V. said...

Maybe not earth shattering, but it sounds like a really good solid week. And one where you were a bad girl and broke your book it warms my guilty heart! ;) (Because I've bought A LOT of books already this year). Glad you're hubbie is coming back as I'm sure you are as well. Have a great rest of the weekend!

Jean said...

I'm glad people like the bag!! I will actually be making some more this spring (discharging involves bleach, so it's safest done outdoors) for a friend who says so many people have complimented her on the bag I gave her that she wants to give some out as gifts. So who knows I might have some more extras by the time I'm done with those. The ones I sent Debi and Annie were ones I did when I first started playing around with the technique on t-shirts and, then, bags. I just need the local Michael's to get more of those large bags in stock. Right now, all they have are small bags, and those just aren't as much fun.

Today's crafty endeavor was felting a bunch of stuff and, in between checking on its progress, finishing the first of my books for Annie's challenge (The Cheese Monkeys). Now, I may actually have to start a blog in order to post a review. We shall see. Finally, Debi, I think cousin-in-law is a wonderful word.

kreed said...

I know you'll be glad to have Rich'll have to let us know if he had any fabulous adventures while he was gone.

I must admit it will "ick" me out a bit when/if Bryn and I have the same celebrity crush. That is just so not right!

DesLily said...

just wait! It gets worse! wait until one day you say you have a crush on a celeb and your daughter says, "but he's an old man!" and you realize you and the celeb are the same age!!... *groan* lol

super deal on the books! Never pass up a great sale! lol

Boudicca said...

Yay! Enjoy his return :)

I have really strange celebrity crushes. My girls think I am mondo bizarro for liking the guys I like.The day we share a crush will be a very odd day,for sure!

Hehe...I knew you'd buy more books :P

Melody said...

That bag is lovely! I want one too, hehe... And of course I don't blame you for buying those books, Debi! The booksale is too good to pass, and I'm waiting for the local bookstores to come up with that soon! LOL.

Stephanie said...

I dig the bag!!! Glad your husband is home now (or at least he should be!)

So far, my daughers are all about the "Disney" guys....Zac Efron and the Jonas Brothers (who I have to go see in February, by the way!) When they start crushing on "MY" guys, there will definitely be a problem!!

Looks like a great set of books. I'm a huge Picoult fan, though I have to say, The Tenth Circle is probably my least favorite of hers. I think it's just me though!!

Dawn said...

What a nice bag. It's beautiful! I saw that you had the 10th Circle in that pile of books. I want to read that someday. I read several of her books last summer.

I'm glad your hubby is home :) It must feel wonderful! Your week sounds pretty productive!

take care,

Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

Ooh, cute bag and look at those books! Yippee, gotta love a good sale :)

I'm so glad you made it through this tough time. I hope your hubby is home safe and sound and that you guys enjoy being together this week :)

Take care!