Sunday, February 03, 2008

good stuff

*Maxidoodle finally seems to be on the mend from what turned out to be another bad go-round with RSV. His fever has been gone now for a couple of days. Now if he could just say good-bye to that awful cough.

*We finally joined Netflix. I've wanted to for sooooo long, but could never justify the expense, since we have tons of unwatched movies sitting around here that we just never seem to have time to get to. But I really wanted to get my hands on Ken Burns The West series for homeschooling. Our library didn't have it, and neither did Rich's school's library system. The cheapest price I could find to buy it was $70+. But then my brilliant husband thought to check Netflix. A-ha! Who can argue with joining for educational purposes, right? Just don't look to see what we put in our queue after The West series ;)

*I could certainly always add reading my favorite blogs to the "good stuff" list. But today I just want to highlight this one specific post. Stephanie, an incredibly sweet person herself, wrote about some of the wonderful volunteers she gets to meet through her job at the Red Cross.

*The kids' unexpected enthusiasm over the Super Bowl. Not a one of them has ever cared one iota about football, but for whatever reason, yesterday they got themselves all worked up about the big game. So for the first time in ages, we'll be throwing a little Super Bowl party. Although it will only be the five of us in attendance. The kids planned the menu: cheese and energy biscuits (the boys' name for beefstick) and crackers, Cheetos, chips and salsa and Rotel dip. (I'll try to throw in a veggie plate with slim hopes that one of them will grab something from it by accident.)

*We went to Borders and I didn't buy a darn thing for myself! (The fact that I put on my sweetest smile before handing Rich a book I discovered (Runemarks by Joanne Harris) and telling him that it would make a really fine birthday present doesn't count against me, does it?)

**To read more good news or link up your own good news post, check Melissa's Good News Sunday.


Chris said...

This is all great news! I'm so glad Max is feeling better :) Great to hear. It's gotta be rough seeing your little one feel bad.

Yay for Netflix! Honestly, it's one of the best things I've signed up for. You just sit back and the movies come to your house. I've really missed watching some good movies and I've got to see so many foreign and independent films that I wouldn't have seen because Blockbuster doesn't carry them. I already have like 110 movies on my queue!

Who can blame the kids for getting excited over the super bowl ;) Just don't get your feelings hurt if the veggie tray goes

And is it really a good thing to leave the bookstore emptyhanded, Debi?

Boudicca said...

Aw,poor Max :( At least he seems to be doing better. RSV is so nasty!

I LOVE Ken Burns with a passion! They are definitely wonderful for homeschooling . We joined Netflix a while ago,too and we justify the expense as a homeschooling expense. Our library is fantastic but sometimes we can't get educational dvds even w/ interlibrary loan. Right now we have the Planet Earth series in our Netflix queue :)

So, are for the Giants,right? Right??

Debi said...


Oh, come on, you can't tell me you're not impressed with my restraint!


Yep, we're cheering on the Giants. Not really because we're fans though. Just the lesser of two evils sort of situation. I despise the Patriots (not surprising since I'm a lifelong Dolphins fan).

I'm with you digging Ken Burns...have yet to see a documentary of his I didn't absolutely love. Haven't seen The West yet though, and am really looking forward to it. We really enjoyed the Planet Earth series. Though I think I like The Living Planet even more...but that's probably just because I love David Attenborough as much as I do Ken Burns.

Boudicca said...

I was to be a Giants fan but honestly? I don't care in the lest :P My hubby is a diehard Dolphins fan,though so he's with you..hehe.

The Living Planet is in our queue somewhere too. I don't even want to look and see how many movies are in our queue. It's a

Kim L said...

sounds like lots of good things going on! I joined netflix because I wanted to watch all the star trek episodes and series but I couldn't afford $100 for each season. So far its been great. I intersperse Star Trek with other movies that my husband and I enjoy.

Have fun with your Superbowl party. I'm at a party myself with my siblings and parents. I think its the first time we've ever gotten together to do it.

Melody said...

I'm so glad to hear that Max is feeling so much better now, Debi!!

Lis Garrett said...

Glad to hear about Max!!

We *love* Netflix. :-)

kreed said...

Hope you are currently having a fab Super Bowl party - I couldn't get terribly excited about a party as most of the snacks are currently off limits for me! Boo! And Netflix is won't be sorry you joined!

gail@more than a song said...

Glad Max is feeling better!
Netflix is so free 6 months thing is up but we decided to keep it at a lower plan. We can get movies not available in our one small rental place.
I'm not too much of a football/sports fan but can get interested in the super bowl from time to time! We tivo'd it and watched after church last night....did your team win!

Dewey said...

We've had the worst trouble with Netflix, over and over and over. We quit and joined Blockbuster instead. Then after a year or so, they sent us an offer to rejoin. We did, hoping things would have improved, but immediately, the same problems started. They billed us Thursday but our queue sat there with nothing sent. Then when I called yesterday, it turned out they really did send something, some discs from someone else's queue, nothing we want to watch. But although it was their mistake, they refused to send more until we returned the wrong DVDs, which haven't arrived. And so on. We've never had those problems with Blockbuster; the only problem with them is they only have a 1, 2 or 3 at a time option, and we watch so many DVDs that we'd prefer one of the larger plans Netflix offers. Most people I know say they've never had a problem, though, so I hope it goes the same for you! There are a couple class action suits against them, though, for their unethical practices, so be wary just in case. :)

Carl V. said...

I have had nothing but wonderful experiences with Netflix. We get stuff quickly and I just love the variety. I have over 400 movies in my queue. I think part of the response time has to do with how close a person is to a distribution center. I hope you guys enjoy it, we have really gotten our money's worth out of it.

Stephanie said...

I just LOVE my Netflix!! It's such a fast turnaround...and no late fees!! We usually rent movies, and have at least one series going. Love it!!

Thanks so much for the link. Man....those guys make my day!! And I made some cookies for Bob to try and thank him. He really had no idea how much it meant to me!!

Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

Ooh, wonderful post! Netflix, bookstores, football and Super Bowl parties, you just can't beat a post with all of those in there :)

We love netflix too. You'd be surprised what all you can find out there, enjoy it :)

Did anyone eat the veggies? Surprisingly, most of ours was eaten, but we did have 20 people, LOL!