Sunday, April 20, 2008

how does she do it?!!

Okay, Dewey has pulled the wool over my eyes for far too long. But I've finally figured it out...she is THE Book Blogging Super Woman! (Wish she'd post a pic of herself in full costume.)

Not only does she read in the neighborhood of a gazillion books a year, write truckloads of fabulous reviews, host multiple reading challenges, participate and complete even more reading challenges, run the Bookworms Carnival, host the Read-a-thon (all this on top of busy life of working, mothering, and wifing)...but now she's come up with another fabulous idea...Weekly Geeks!

I'm feeling ill-equipped to explain it myself (after all, I just said "wifing" and that can't possibly be a word, can it?). So I seriously suggest you go check this out for sounds like great fun!


Nymeth said...

Dewey does have awesome ideas. This sounds like great fun. I'm just nervous about not being able to come up with any decent ideas for a weekly theme. But I'll do my best.

Chris said...

I'm very excited about this challenge! It sounds like it's going to be alot of fun and I can't wait to hop over to everyone's blogs when the weekly challenges come out. This'll be cool! Dewey's great!

Dewey said...


I'm so glad people are joining, though! Nymeth, don't worry, you don't ever have to come up with an idea unless you just happen to have one.

Melody said...

Thanks for the heads up, Debi! :) Sounds fun!

Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

Looks pretty cool :) However, I think in your own multi-talented way, you're definitely a Super Woman!