Monday, May 12, 2008

calling all word lovers

Any word lovers...any amateur (or otherwise) writers...any competitive spirits out here? If so, why not hop over here and join in our "Using the Vocabulary" game. It's just a little something we've started doing each week on our homeschool blog. I post Annie's vocabulary words for the week, and the players post sentences using those words in the comments. You can write one sentence using just one of the words, or try your hand at sentences for each word. Late each week I read the sentences to Annie (so she doesn't know who wrote them) and she picks her favorites. It's a win-win...Annie gets more exposure to the words in use, and someone will win a prize at the end of each quarter.


Anonymous said...

haha! i had a go at that word thing yesterday. it was fun :)

Debi said...

Jean Pierre,
Thanks! Annie will be so excited to have more people playing!