Monday, May 12, 2008

Geeking...Week 3

Week 3 of Weekly Geeks challenges us to write a bit about our fond memories of the books of our childhood. To be perfectly honest, I hate admitting how little I remember of my childhood. When it comes to reading, I know that I was always a big reader. I remember in elementary school that we would participate in Read-a-Thons. I have no idea what we were raising money for, but I do remember how I loved filling up line after line and sheet after sheet with the book titles I'd read. But what books I read...I just couldn't tell you.

One of my old stand-bys was this set of books. The Children's Hour. Oh, how I loved these books. Each volume, loaded with tons and tons of stories, had a genre-like focus. One featured old-time favorites, one sports related stories, one science fiction, etc. I read some of the stories (like The Velveteen Rabbit) over and over, while some I never revisited. (I apologize...I know I posted this same photo not long ago, but it just seemed so appropriate for this week's topic.)

I also had a set of the Little House books, which Annie now owns, but I have to admit that I only ever read the first few...they just didn't do a lot for me. I never read any Nancy Drew, but I did love Trixie Beldon! I also remember reading lots of Encyclopedia Brown.

And then there was Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret. I loved that book. I obsessed over that book. I'll bet I read it 20 times (that may be an exaggeration, but not by much). I have this book on my Heart of Child challenge list, so one of these days I will get around to reading it again...and surely will get quite a laugh out of it!

I also really loved From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler! Man, I spent hours daydreaming about hiding away and living in a museum.

As I got a little older, S.E. Hinton entertained me for hours. That Was Then, This Is Now. The Outsiders. Rumble Fish. Yep, read her books over and over, too.

And late in middle school, I discovered Stephen King. I had to read everything of his as it came out. Before high school was over, I'd read The Stand three times (and it remains my favorite book to this day).

The only other thing I can remember concerning books as a kid was the BookMobile. I lived for the days the BookMobile came! Unfortunately, you were only allowed to get out a couple books each time, and it only came around every couple weeks...but still, it was definitely a highlight!


Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

What wonderful memories! I did actually like and read the Little House and Nancy Drew books :) And I don't think we had a book mobile come around where I lived, but I do remember going to the library in elementary school and how much I loved it!

Have a great day, and Happy Reading :)

Nymeth said...

Nothing to apologize for! That's a great picture and it deserves to be re-posted. I love how those books look all together on the shelf.

The BookMobile sounds so exciting! And Read-a-thons! I have to confess that other than the school library, I didn't go to the library at all as a child. But my parents always made sure I had tons of books around the house, so this is not really a complaint.

Melody said...

I enjoyed reading your post, Debi! School days always bring back wonderful memories to me, and all the better to accompany with books!!! :D

twiga92 said...

I enjoyed the Encyclopedia Brown books also when growing up. They were fun to read and try to solve the mysteries.

gautami tripathy said...

I love the photo. I like to look at my children's book collection. I got many in Vernacular too. What I really cherish are my Asterix and Tintin comic books.

I used to run a local library in our apartment block when I was in school. I still have my books numbered. My 13 years old niece is doing the same thing now. Is it in the genes?!


Childhood Memories

mary_m said...

Because of this challenge, I actually picked up a few Encyclopedia Brown books from the library today. I'd forgotten about all the tough-guy talk in them:

"Look out for him," warned Sally "He's like a set of false teeth -- always trying to get even."

Katherine said...

It seems like we have similar tastes in books. I also loved From the Mized Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler. Did you ever read Konigsberger's book A Proud Taste for Scarlet and Miniver (historical fiction, about Eleanor of Aquitaine)? Very good. The Little House books are a classic standby.

Stephanie said...

I never really got into the Little House on the Praire books. I figured I grew up on a farm (and I couldn't wait to get the hell out of there). That was as close to the prairie as I wanted to be!!

Now, I did LOVE S.E. Hinton. Totally forgot to write about her. Man...remember The Outsiders movie?? Total man-candy when I was young!!

Kim L said...

Gosh I so wanted to live in a museum too after reading the Mixed up Files. Even more than that, I wanted to get my hands on Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler's files.

Great books! Your post sparked a lot of memories. I loved The Outsiders as well as Little House on the Prarie and I loved Encyclopedia Brown. I had just about forgotten about all of those books. Thanks for the post :-)

Trish said...

Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret is one of those books that I have always wanted to read. I need to look for it next time I'm bookbrowsing.

Kerry said...

Oh, you've jogged my memory. I remember walking down to the end of the street with my mother to go to the mobile library. I remember going through the bins of picture books and picking out which ones I was going to take home.

I have just loved reading all the posts for the meme this week. They've brought back so many wonderful memories.

Dawn said...

Books hold wonderful memories don't they! I remember being able to walk to the five and dime and buy my new Trixie Beldon book!!!

Our book fair comes to school twice a year. I must spend $200 between Tim and me.

I have taken a little walk down memory lane reading your post. Thanks!

take care,