Thursday, June 05, 2008

the read-a-thon meme

In honor of Dewey, who hosting her 2nd 24 hour Read-a-thon, here is a Meme for all of us to pass around until the big day (June 28)!

If I had 24 hours to read, my goals would be:

*To be honest, the most important thing is just to unwind and relax and enjoy a little down time. It's a rare treat to get to read in segments of more than a few pages at a time. Often it's only a paragraph or two. So I'm just looking forward to getting lost amid the pages! But I am hoping to get more read than I did last time around. Now, being among the slowest readers on the planet, I have no hope of knocking out stats like Eva with her 85 or so pages per hour (yes, my skin is glowing an ugly green right now!), but I'm hoping to do a few things smarter this time. Like making drafts for my hourly updates ahead of time so I can just go plug in numbers and maybe add a few thoughts. Like making smarter choices in my reading. I'd love to break 1,000 pages, but that's probably quite unrealistic for me. (I think a lot of people are happier about the later start time, but it's going to work against me, I'm afraid. Not trying to make excuses ahead of time or anything. Just worried that I'm going to be fighting the drooping eyelids a bit earlier than I did last time.)

This is what I am going to have to do to get 24 hours of reading:
*Well, I'm lucky to be married to a fabulous guy! He volunteered to haul the munchkins off camping. Isn't he the best?!!

If someone asked me for recommendations of “can’t put down” books for the read-a-thon, I would recommend:
*Hmmm...I know Becky already mentioned this one, but I'm going to second her on it, and say Life As We Knew It, by Susan Beth Pfeffer. I'm reading The Quickie by James Patterson right now, and it's definitely moving fast, both because of his trademark short chapters and because of the fact that things keep happening making it hard to set aside. Beyond that, I'm sort of drawing a blank here. But as has been said before, a supply of short, light books is definitely in order. YA are a good choice. And I think I may work on my short story and my novella challenge lists this year. Also, not sure if this applies to everyone, or just to old people like me, but make sure to have some books whose print is not minute for those hours when your eyes are blurring.

If you participated in the October 2007 read-a-thon:
For you, what was your favorite part of the October read-a-thon, and why?

*This question is sooooo hard to answer! Seriously, I loved every little thing about it. Well, except for that one period of time when I was fighting so hard to stay awake. The sense of community was wonderful! And the real life being alone was heavenly! (Yeah, I know, that sounds awful...but as it so rarely, as in next-to-never, happens, it was a real treat!) And simply being able to read more than 5 or 10 minutes straight...ah, what luxury!

How many hours/books/pages were you able to read in the Read-a-thon?
*Oh sure, just had to throw this question in there to embarrass me. :)
--Minutes (this is actual reading time): 958...that's 15 hours and 58 minutes. I did take an almost hour-long nap, and the rest of the time was spent on challenges and visiting other readers.
--Books: Finished one I had started (A Time to Kill). Read one full book, albeit a short one (The Halloween Tree). Started one book, but the words were way too small for the wee hours of the morning (The Cobra Event). Started, and almost finished, another book (The Wright 3).
--Pages: 660...which averages out to just over 41 pages an hour. Yes, I'm a pathetically slow reader!

I'm afraid I have no one specific to tag...seems as if everyone participating has already been so. But if you haven't...well, that just changed.

And if you've been thinking about joining in, you really, really, really should! I know it sounds downright silly to say, but it truly was one of the highlights of my 2007! Thanks again to our wonderful hostess, Dewey!


Dawn said...

Debi, good luck with your reading! I don't think I could read that much in a day. I'm a slow reader too. I read at a talking pace :)

I think if I had 24 uninterrupted hours I would enjoy doing nothing and savor how it felt!

I am actually reading a book now, two weeks before school ends...imagine that!

Again, have fun with it!

take care,

Phyllis Zimbler Miller said...

Have to add that I'm a slow reader also -- I proofread all books thanks to years spent proofreading as a weekly newspaper editor.

I found this blog because you left a nice comment at about my book MRS. LIEUTENANT: A SHARON GOLD NOVEL. Thanks!

Bookfool said...

I may have to join the read-a-thon, this time. Now that my son is working from 2-8pm, I feel kind of lost and empty-nestish. Might as well read, right? :)

Melody said...

I don't think I'm able to join this read-a-thon... there're so many things on my to-do list! And hey, I think I'm a slow reader too. Most people I know seem to have hit the '50 books' mark while I'm still struggling here, lol.

Eva said...

I had the same issue w/ small type. I picked up a book of Father Brown short stories, and the type was so small that it traumitised me enough I didn't go back to the book for a couple months! I started out w/ a large-ish print book (it wasn't Large Print, just a YA), and it was refreshing.

I hadn't thought that a later start time means a later end time...uh oh!

Trish said...

I'd like to do this, but I'm afraid that my attention span is incredibly short. I can read for an hour and then I have to go do something otherwise the words begin running together and my concentration breaks. Also, I'm a slow reader--with a good book with perfect circumstances I can read 40 pages an hour--usually more like 30. I might do it unofficially, though, and see how it goes.

Sounds like you have a great game plan! And enjoy the time you have with your books. :)

Anonymous said...

I am just now learning about these read-a-thons. I agree with the book from Becky's last group read. That was one I could have finished in 24 hours. All three of the Twilight Series I was able to do that. And yes, the next day my eyes were so sore!

Dewey said...

Making drafts ahead of time of everything possible was the biggest note I made to myself last year! Good plan.

Nymeth said...

Make drafts ahead of time is certainly a great idea. I often end up spending more time formatting my posts than actually writing them, so having everything ready would definitely help.

I'm still upset that I can't be a reader, but I'm going to be a cheerleader! I realized that the read-a-thon starts at 5pm my time, and while I can't afford a sleepless night with a final the following Monday, I can certainly afford to spend a few hours in the evening cheering everyone on :D

Chris said...

I LOVED following your progress last year Debi...I think that I logged onto your blog every 30 minutes to see what you were doing. So much fun and I'm sure I'll do the same again this year. I hope you have a blast. I'm hoping to get to read in some way if I don't have to work though I doubt it'll be a full 24 hours...we'll see.