Tuesday, June 10, 2008

summer goals meme

Becky just tagged me with Summer Goals meme, which was started by A Year of Reading. Seems like the perfect opportunity to try to organize my thoughts a bit. I know many people already feel like summer's here, but it doesn't quite feel that way here as the kiddos are still in school. So I'm going to take the literal route and make these my goals for June 21st through Sept. 22nd (I think that's correct anyway).

These goals do not have to specifically involve reading, by the way, but I think that's the direction I'll head. Please don't compare my list to Becky's list, as I'll come out looking like quite the slacker!

1. Finish up the challenges which will end during that period or shortly thereafter.
*Banned Books Challenge ends June 30th (still have 2 books to read)
*Heart of a Child Challenge ends July 14th (still have 2 books to read)
*Southern Reading Challenge ends August 15th (still have 3 books to read)
*It's the End of the World Challenge ends Sept. 15th (still have 3 books to read)
*Novella Challenge end Sept. 30th (still have 5 books to read)
*Non-Fiction Five Challenge ends Sept. 30th (still have 4 books to read)
*Celebrate the Author books for June, July, August, and September (4 books)

2. Have a ball during Dewey's Read-a-thon! This will be an easy goal to accomplish!

3. As we are trying out a year-round schedule for Annie's home schooling this year, it means I'll have lots of reading to do for that. Specifically, I'll add as a goal: read lots and lots and lots of poetry. (Poetry is going to be our focus for the first quarter of literature.)

4. Find solutions for housing all the hundreds of books lying in piles around the house. (One would think that having bookcases in literally every room in the house, except for the upstairs bathroom and the laundry area, would be enough, but apparently it's not.) Solutions are likely to include a combination of both more bookcases and giving away lots of books.

And now for the tagging:
*Nymeth--a. I wouldn't blame her for ignoring me since I still haven't done the 6 random things meme, though I still plan to, and b. she's going off to Brazil so maybe she doesn't want to set any goals except for having fun, fun, fun, but c. I hope she'll do it anyway :)


chrisa511 said...

I definitely need to do this meme! I seriously need some goals set...especially seeing as I just about had a panic attack when I saw the end dates for all of those challenges! I really need to get started on the Southern Reading Challenge. Good luck finding places for your piles of books :p I know how that is...they begin to look nice on the floor after awhile don't they? They even make nice chairs if you get enough hardbacks piled on top of one another :p

Jean said...

Things to do for the afternoon/evening: (1) Continue to play with where to put things in the new refrigerator (2) Ponder this meme (3) Think about folks I could tag.

Ana S. said...

I hope you manage to achieve as many of those goals as you can!

Don't worry about the 6 random things meme, and yes, I will do this one. I may be travelling, but I do have a few goals :P In fact, I already have a list of books I plan on taking with me :P

Dawn said...

That's quite a list of goals you have set for yourself. My summer goals are to do whatever I want, whenever I want and to sleep!

take care,

Eva said...

If that's your idea of being a slacker, I can't imagine what your productivity looks like!!

I shall get on this soon. But it almost terrifies me to write down everything I need to do this summer.

Trish @ Love, Laughter, Insanity said...

Oh poetry!! Not my favorite. Any particular time period or type? Even though poetry isn't my favorite, I do love love love Walt Whitman's Leaves of Grass.

Carl V. Anderson said...

I plan on doing a summer reading plan thing for myself as well, something I'll post about a day or two after the Once Upon a Time Challenge ends. Summer is notoriously my worst months for accomplishing reading for some reason and I certainly want that to change this year.

Jean said...

Poetry! I pulled out my Robert Frost book recently and re-read some of my old favorites. Here's one I had sort of forgotten about and that I think you and yours would enjoy if you haven't already encountered it:


Never have I been glad or sad
That there was such a thing as bad.
There had to be, I understood,
For there to have been any good.
It was by having been contrasted
That good and bad so long had lasted.
That's why discrimination reigns.
That's why we need a lot of brains
If only to discriminate
'Twixt what to love and what to hate.
To quote the oracle at Delphi,
Love thy neighbor as thyself, aye,
And hate him as thyself thou hatest.
There quandary is at its greatest.
We learned from the forbidden fruit
For brains there is no substitute.
'Unless it's sweetbreads,' you suggest
With innuendo I detest.
You drive me to confess in ink:
Once I was fool enough to think
That brains and sweetbreads were the same,
Till I was caught and put to shame,
First by a butcher, then a cook,
Then by a scientific book.
But 'twas by making sweetbreads do
I passed with such a high I.Q.

Stephanie said...

Not a slacker at all!! Looks like some pretty big goals to me!!

DesLily said...

yikes! I am glad I am not tagged for this by any one! I can't plan tomorrow let alone the rest of the year! Or even a week!

hey, I am having an easy contest for a YA book, I told Annie about it, you should enter so she has twice the chance at winning! And if you don't win at my drawing, EVENTUALLY Chris and Carl will be giving chances at the same ARC copy of Far World: Water Keep.

Anonymous said...

Good Job! :)