Thursday, September 18, 2008

geeking...week 17, day 6

Reflect upon your present blessings, of which every man has many; not on your past misfortunes, of which all men have some.
--Charles Dickens

Oh yes, I love that one! And of course, it makes me want to add some good stuff...

*baking rolls from scratch (you know that whole domestic goddess-like feeling that comes from yeast and rolling pins)

*two apple trees and a pear tree dripping with ripe fruit

*sweet, supportive friends like Nymeth and Melissa and Trish

*a soft bundle of fur (a.k.a. cat) curled up in your lap as you read

*four phone calls in three hours from a daughter who obviously just likes to talk to you

*a clean bathroom (at least for the next few hours)

*this post by Bellezza!

Yep, so many blessings.


marianne said...

I have an "I Love Your Blog" award for you on my regular blog today - 9/18. Please stop by here Lil Bits of Me to pick it up! :)

and I'm loving your quotes!

Nymeth said...

You are a blessing, Debi :)

I love those soft and warm bundles of fur. And baking rolls from scratch is something I plan on learning how to do someday!

Jean said...

Friends and family--both "old" and newly met--are among the blessings I can count today. In the rush that this week has been, it has been nice to slow down and read your quotes. Thanks!

Dewey said...

If I had a rolling pin in my hands and ripe fruit trees in my yard, there'd be pies piling up all over my house!

Dawn said...

There are always so many blessings in our lives. It's nice to take notice of them every now and then.

take care,

Trish said...

Those ARE great things (especially the furball curled in your lap). I hope you have a great day, Debi. You are a special lady. :)

And I loved Bellezza's post, too. What a crack up!

Eva said...

This post made me think about all my blessings; thank you.

Lis Garrett said...

I was just thinking about my mom's homemade horn and cinnamon rolls the other day - the smell of yeast does it every time! That's my idea of comfort and happiness. :-)

Thanks so much for considering me a friend, because I definitely consider you one . . .

kreed said...

Life is good!

gail@more than a song said...

How fun that she calls you often just to talk! I would love that too!
Rolls from scratch, you're so smart..I want to make bread this week but will see if my intentions come through!