Saturday, November 22, 2008

this 'n' that


It seems as if it's been a while since I've awarded blame points, but I've got a few to dole out today.

Dewey actually walks away with three this time! I ordered An Age of Extremes and War, Peace, and All That Jazz by Joy Hakim from a series she recommended for home schooling. (Thanks Dewey--they look fabulous!) And while I first added The Uncommon Reader by Alan Bennett to my wish list after hearing about it on NPR, it was reading Dewey's review that made me finally order it. Really putting the pressure on Nymeth now, aren't you?

Chris earns a point with his review of Dream Homes: From Cairo to Katrina, An Exile's Journey by Joyce Zonana. I never really thought much about reading memoirs before, but I've read a handful this year and found I really enjoy them. This one just arrived on my doorstop and it certainly sounds like a good one!

Finally, Carl earns a point for Mouse Guard: Fall 1152 by David Petersen. I've had this on my wish list taunting me for over a year now ever since reading Carl's review. How did I finally justify buying it? I got it for Annie for Christmas. :)



Just want to remind everyone that if they participated and finished Annie's What's in A Name Challenge this year, they should pop over here and leave a comment to be entered in for the Amazon gift certificate drawing. (Sorry to keep bringing it up, I just don't want anyone to miss out.)


Trish said...

The Uncommon Reader does look really good, huh? You've reminded me that I need to put it on my wishlist right now--also thanks to Dewey's review.

Chris said...

Woooooooohoooooooooo :) Glad I got a point! You'll love Dream Homes, I promise you! I hope you get to read it soon. Enjoy it whenever you do! And you'll love The Uncommon Reader as well. It's another of my favorite books of the year. It's going to be hard to limit it to just 10 books this year for my top 10. Although I never stick to a top 10 :p It's always like a top 12 or 13.

Bookfool said...

I think I'm about to give up on earning any blame points. Sob. Wait, I just got a cool book from the library sale: A Primate's Memory by Robert M. Sapolsky. Do you like primates? No? Oh, well. Maybe next year.

Debi said...

LOL. But you know what? A Primate's Memoir is one of my husband's favorite books! He's a big Robert Sapolsky fan. Sorry, but I won't have to buy that one!

Anonymous said...

We have the History of US by Joy Hakim and I highly recommend it. It's REAL history,not the watered down versions you often find in textbooks. I think I pimp that set out to everyone I know who teaches.

I loved Mouse Guard :)

Dewey said...

WOOT! Just one step behind that fiendish competitor, Nymeth, AND! You left comments saying I was enticing you about even more books so maybe next week I can PULL INTO THE LEAD!

Too bad you already ordered The Uncommon Reader, though, since I'm holding a drawing for an extra copy today.

Oh, also, I've had Mouse Guard on my list for a long time for my son. He always loved the Redwall series, and someone... uh oh. I think it was Nymeth! Anyway, someone said that he would like Mouse Guard if he liked Redwall. And I finally ordered it for him for a Christmas gift.

Nymeth said...

I really want to read The Uncommon Reader as well. How am I to resist so many great reviews? And Mouse Guard as a Christmas gift for Annie is such a great idea! I bet she'll love it. That book seriously has the most gorgeous artwork ever.