Sunday, February 08, 2009

the letter M

That letter meme that's going around just looked so fun, I had to request me a letter of my own. Thank you, Kim! She bestowed me with the letter M. So, I now need to list (List! Of course, no wonder I was so enamored with this little meme!) 10 things I love that start M. Chris also received M, but I'm going to try my darnedest not to "steal" any of his answers.

1. Maxidoodle! Like there was any doubt what "M" would top my list, huh?
My miraculous surprise. My mischievous little monkey. My cat-lovin' maniac. My baby.

2. Matrimony and Maternal-ness. Just my way of saying how incredibly fortunate I am, how very much I love my little family. I have the most wonderful, supportive, loving husband. And I am blessed beyond any possible words...I'll never understand why I was given the honor of being mom to these three precious human beings, but I am so very grateful that I was.

(Rich and his mom)

(the munchkins)

3. Mice. Long ago, I had to face the fact that I never know what little critters my dear husband will bring home next. A few years back, it was mice. At first, I was slightly annoyed...not because I don't like mice, but because being consulted about something that is going to bring me more work would have been nice. But what can I say? They charmed the socks off me in no time! They are just the sweetest little things I could ever imagine. And there is something so incredibly stress-relieving about just watching them go about their business and interact with one another. (But as for the hissing cockroaches...can't say I've quite warmed up to them yet.)

4. Museums. Oh man, I love, love, love museums. My favorites are natural history museums and art museums, but I'm generally game for anything. Of course, the Jello Museum is pretty close by, and I haven't been there yet.

5. Making stuff. (Is that cheating?) It truly is something I love, and something I don't spend nearly enough time doing anymore. I love making stuff with paper and fabric and fiber and wood and well, just about anything. In fact, things that would normally end up in the garbage can or recycle bin are some of my favorite "materials" of all.

6. Movies. I'm not one of those people who can actually talk about them intelligently or anything. And I admit that I prefer watching them in the comfort of my own home. But I do love movies. Most any movie, really...I'm definitely not all that critical. Being easily entertained is actually a pretty fortunate trait to have. :)

7. Microbreweries. Actually, I'm not a huge beer drinker. Much more of a gin and tonic girl. But there's something so appealing about drinking little locally brewed beers. Maybe it just reminds me of the days when we had time to brew our own beer. Hmmm...we really ought to do that again...

8. Manicotti. At least when prepared by Rich, with ricotta and minced pepperoncinis. Mmmmm.

9. Make-Believe. No explanation necessary.

10. Mysteries, Memoirs, and Mythology. Well, there had to be some way to fit books into this list, didn't there?

***Note: Had I not put the "can't use anything Chris used" restriction on myself, my Mom definitely would have made the list!

***Another note: This was harder than I thought it would be.

Anybody out there that hasn't yet got a letter? If so, and if you'd like one, just ask and you shall receive.


Anonymous said...

You had me at "microbreweries"...but the other "M"s are great,too :)

gail@more than a song said...

Aww, look at Max at the top of your list, so cute!

Kailana said...

There is a great pub here that makes their own beer. You can go and taste test all the different kinds. Anyway, the chance to do that has never presented itself (driving is the problem, of course) but me and my guy decided to taste at least one the other night. I was talking on my phone, so I got ordered for. It sounded like it would be good, so I went along with it. It was disgusting! It had a terrible after taste. So, I ended up working up my nerve and downing the last half. I didn't want to waste it and we had his car, which is standard, so he couldn't finish it for me.

And, that is my story. Long-winded, huh? Great list, though. I did it with the letter 'T' and it was harder than I thought it would be, too!

Nymeth said...

Awww...I think that's my favourite of all the pictures of Max you posted :D

Mice are so cute. I'd love some, but the fact that they don't live for very long makes me hesitate...even though I know that 2 years or whatever is a full life cycle for them, I bet I'd bawl like a baby when they died on me :S

I love museums too, and making stuff, and make believe. And mythology! And mysteries and memoirs can be pretty cool too :P So yeah, great list, Debi. Kailana gave me the letter "n", but I'm still thinking what to pick.

Eva said...

Love your list Debi! :D

I think mice are cute too (unlike rats...if I have a phobia, it is about rats), but like Nymeth I couldn't handle them dying.

Melody said...

You did well, Debi!

I love visiting museums too, especially the history and art museums. They're the greatest IMO! And somehow, I find the ambience adds more intrigue to everything!

Chris said...

What a wonderful, wonderful post Debi :D I love the pictures so much! Seriously, I should just start printing all of the pictures of your family and make my own "The Stevens'" photo album :p

Still haven't gotten used to those hissing cockroaches yet, huh? I wonder why :p They seem so damn loveable.

You used to brew your own beer?! That's so cool!! I love beer, lol. Don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing :p I think I remember you posting about that once now that I think about it.

And I so want some of Rich's manicotti now! That has my mouth watering!

kreed said...

What a sweet picture of Max! And next time we see each other let's go have a microbrew!

DesLily said...

great list and great pics!!

it's strange but these lists really AREN'T easy! who'da thunk?!

Debi said...

Jupiter, other "M"s are necessary, huh?

Thanks! I tend to think he's pretty cute, but then I'm a tad partial. :)

You crack me up! But I know what you mean...I'm sure I would have suffered trying to finish it too, just because I wouldn't have wanted to waste it.

Thanks...I love that picture, too. Something about seeing them asleep just totally melts my heart!

And that's so true...their lives just seem way too short! And of course, my heart breaks and I cry away whenever one of "our girls" dies. But one thing that I think makes it a little easier, is that it's so easy to see them going through their life stages, if that makes any sense. First they're so young and small and playful. And then you can sort of "see" their middle age...they've grown a little bigger, and they're still very active and playful, but somehow slightly more subdued. And then you sort of know when they're reaching the last couple months of their lives. You can not only tell by looking at them, but they also really slow down. As I said, I still bawl like a baby, but somehow I do think it helps that you get to witness them going through their whole life cycle.

I'm anxious to see what you pick for N! I've really loved reading everyone's answers to this meme!

Debi said...

That's so funny...if I have any fears approaching phobic levels, it may just be rats, too. Or bridges. Anyway, as much as I love mice, I just have this thing about rats. I know in my head how dumb it is, but I can't help it. When I was a kid, I had a cousin who chased me with a dead rat (isn't that horrible?!!)...and I've just never been the same since!

I agree! Museums are just the coolest!

You know what...I think you need to come visit us!!! I'll make sure we've made a batch a beer made, and Rich will be happy to make us some manicotti. We can lounge in the library. Doesn't that sound good? Am I tempting you at all? :)

That's a deal!!!!!!!!

I really thought it was going to be a piece of cake to throw together a list...whew, I was wrong.

Chris said...

You're tempting me too much Debi, lol! If I could get on a plane right now, I would....damn work :/

Ali said...

We love a lot of things in common--motherhood, museums, microbreweries--and I don't even drink the beer. I just like the idea of them. Especially when they brew their own rootbeer. :-)

Trish said...

Such great M things!! And yum for manicotti. I used to make it all the time until hubby got burned out (he'll request something so frequently that he'll finally have no desire to eat it anymore). Maybe it's time to revisit that old recipe.