Tuesday, March 31, 2009

challenge update

The fact that we're now a quarter of the way through 2009 is mind-boggling. Truly. Anyway, it seemed like a good time to check out my challenge progress. While some of the ridiculously high number of reading challenges I so enthusiastically joined don't actually last the whole year, a good many of them do. And yes, I do already know that this is going to leave me depressed. (But it's a really good diversion from algebra, MLA, and DNA replication plans...I am getting far too adept at creating diversions.)

Ending April 30th:
Latin American Reading Challenge 0/4

Ending June 1st:
Book Awards II 4/10

Ending June 20th:
Once Upon a Time III 1/4
Spring Reading Thing 2009 1/11

Ending June 30th:
What an Animal 3/6

Ending September 9th:
999 Challenge 10/81
Countdown Challenge 21/45

Ending September 30th (and it actually doesn't start until May 1st):
Non-Fiction Five 0/5

Ending October 9th:
End of the World 0/4

Ending October 31st:
Classics '09 0/5

Ending December 3rd:
42 Challenge 16/42

Ending December 31st:
9 for '09 Challenge 0/9
Suspense and Thriller Challenge 2/12
Dewey's Books 3/5
Manga Challenge 2/6
Graphic Novels Challenge 7/12
Herding Cats II 0/5
Read Your Own Books Challenge 3/29
Elizabeth Scott Mini-Challenge 0/2
What's in a Name 2 2/6
Support Your Local Library 4/12
Science Challenge 0/3
Essay Challenge 3/30 or 30/30 (depending on how I list them)
World Citizen Challenge 2/7
World War II Challenge 0/5
Dewey Decimal Challenge 4/10
Dream King Challenge 1/7
Young Readers Challenge 8/12
21 Cultures Challenge 4/21
Young Adult Challenge 3/12
Colorful Reading Challenge 0/9

Ending March 31st (2010):
(Another) 1% Well-Read 0/13
Arthurian Challenge 0/2

No deadline:
100 Shots of Shorts 30/100
Lambda Reading Challenge 0/5

----No, it does not escape my notice that I probably could have finished off a whole challenge in the time it took me to make this post. ;)


Amanda said...

Wow - you're over at my blog saying I'm doing great with my challenges, but I only entered 8 of them. You have entered an AMAZING amount of these, and are doing a great job considering the numbers. I would fail MISERABLY if I had that many going on!!! So don't be depressed!

Chris said...

I'm sorry Debi, but I still have to laugh everytime I see your challenges all in one place! lol...I've actually been pretty good about not doing too many this year! We'll see if it sticks!

Scrap girl said...

Wow - you are doing lots. I wasn't brave enough in my first year, but may try to do more next year. Good luck with it though.

Nymeth said...

I love the fact that you're crazier than I am :D

Remember: there's no Challenge Police :P

valentina said...

That's a LOT of challenges :D

but don't worry, the fun is in joining them. Finishing them is a plus :P

Melody said...

Way to go, Debi!
You're an inspiration!! :)

Kailana said...

Good lord, that's a lot of challenges! Good luck to you on all of them!

Literary Feline said...

I need to do this a quarterly update too. I'm kind of afraid to though. LOL

Trish said...

But you're making great progress on so many of them. I'm going easy this year, but I'm sure I'll find some more as we go along. Can't believe the year is a quarter of the way over either. Where does time go??