Tuesday, June 23, 2009

what I'll be doing this summer

(Okay, that should really read "what I should be doing this summer," but I'm going the "positive-thinking" route instead of the "realistic" route.)

Anyway, our unofficial summer will arrive at approximately 3:17pm, when the bus rolls down the street and disgorges two happy little boys. Never does it feel like summer until the school year has come to an end. And honestly, I'm not sure if I've ever been quite this happy to see it arrive.

Pretty sure it's that anticipatory elation that has me thinking I can conquer the world this summer. Kinda like that feeling I get as each new year begins. Thus my list of summer goals.

*for homeschool:
1. write IHIP (must do)
2. get all plans done for first quarter (really should do)
3. get all plans done for second quarter (would be nice to do)

*around the house:
1. paint, etc. the bathroom (must do)
2. declutter each and every room in this house, including garage (really should do)
3. paint the stairwell (would be nice to do)

1. my family reunion (must do)
2. visit Rich's mom (must do)
3. family vacation to visit old friends (really should do)
4. a few days away for just Rich and I (would be nice to do)

1. each of us set a summer reading goal--mine is 30 books, Rich's is 25, Max's is 20, Gray's is 30, Annie's is 75 (would be nice to do)
2. finish some of my challenges (really should do)

1. update my 50x50 blog, though I've ignored it for so long I'm sure I won't remember everything that could be checked off (really should do)
2. make Christmas cards (really should do)
3. scrapbook 30+ layouts (would be nice to do)



Amanda said...


Seriously, you've got to tell Annie that 75 books is just amazing. Good luck to her.

christina said...

What a great post! I should create a list like that!

I totally need to de-clutter the house as well.

How old is Annie? What an incredible goal?!

Stephanie said...

Dang. I should really be organized enough to put together a whole summer "to do" list. But I'm afraid it would be too long and so unattainable it would make me cry!!

Good luck! I'm sure you can do it!

Scrap girl said...

Scrap 30+ layouts! I wish I had your energy. I may need to write a motivational list myself like this. I need to start planning my time better. Good luck with all your plans and thanks for the suggestion for my books yesterday.

Literary Feline said...

Looks like a good outline of goals for this summer. :-) Good luck!

Nymeth said...

Happy summer, Debi! I think you should change "finish some challenges" to "would be nice to do", just so you don't pressure yourself :P But other than that, great list, and good luck with everything!

valentina said...

It sounds like a very organised summer! Hope it works out, but remember to relax, first of all! and read lots of good books!
I love summers...

Kailana said...

Write a guest post for my blog. You forgot that one. lol (I sent you message on Twitter. I should have emailed you, though).

Good luck with all your goals. Remember to have some fun this summer, though!

Jean said...

And you thought my list of summer goals was impressive! It pales in comparison to yours. I just noticed that it's 3:23 according to my netbook, so HAPPY SUMMER!!!!!!

Shanra said...

You are scarily organised... It is a great list, though, and may you get a whole lot more than the 'shoulds' crossed off it by the end of summer!

Annie has one amazing goal set out for her. I wish her luck with it!

*hugs* Good luck with your side of the list too, Debi!

Louise said...

And a very happy summer to you as well - sure you can do it all :-)

Renay said...

Don't forget miscellaneous #4: BE AWESOME.

Eva said...

Love your list!! But even if you don't do anything on it, I'm sure you'll rock. :D

Suey said...

It looks very similiar to my list! Good luck to us both!

Trish said...

I need to make a list like this but I don't want to. Too freakin' overwhelming. Lots of "shoulds" on that list...where are the "wants"!!

Susan said...

I'm not laughing, seriously, really, I'm not laughing, but honestly, you could be me, walking around my house muttering, "must get books off floor", "must get hallway painted', "must read 30 books by September so I make my goal!", "must declutter.....gah, there's so much stuff here!" and I go read a book. That's not even counting yard work! LOL! so, if you accomplish five of those things on your list, you and I will know your summer will really truly be a success!!!

Carl V. said...

My dad and I just did a MASSIVE de-cluttering of my garage on Saturday. I started at 5:30 a.m. to try to beat the heat and we finished up around 3:30 p.m., working in 100+ degree temps. It wasn't pleasant, but the results are so wonderful that I just don't care! Now its on to the basement to try to get stuff ready for a garage sale at Jeff's house in a couple of weeks.