Monday, August 03, 2009

July wrap-up

What an unproductive month. No clue why. No excuses. Hoping August will be better, but I make no energy seems wrapped up in preparing for school, working on the house, and just spending time with the family. Don't even feel like blogging.


Young Adult Fiction:
*Nation by Terry Pratchett (Printz Project, YA '09, RYOB, Herding Cats 2, Dewey's Books, 999)

Middle Grade Fiction:
*The Garden of Eve by K.L. Going (RYOB)

Folktale/Fairy Tale Collection:
*The Golden Phoenix: Eight French-Canadian Fairy Tales by Marius Barbeau, retold by Michael Hornyansky

Middle Grade Non-Fiction:
*A History of Us: An Age of Extremes by Joy Hakim (for homeschool)

Short Stories:
*"Repair Kit" by Stephen Baxter (100 Shots of Shorts, 42 Challenge)


On TV:

On DVD/Video:
*Stand by Me (for fun)
*Tightrope (for fun)
*Dirty Harry (for fun)
*Harper's Island (for fun)
*The Wire (for fun)
--"One Arrest"



Scrapbook layouts:

(second view just to show where journaling is hidden)


Amanda said...

I love that last scrapbook layout! It's so simple and effective - to capture a single moment for the whole family. I don't scrapbook, but i can see myself making something like that. Plus, it's just good to see pictures. :)

Staci said...

Love your scrapbook pages! I scrap too!!! Looks to me like you got a lot finished this month!!

Kailana said...

Wow, your scrapbook pages are fantastic. I am no where near that creative...

Vivienne said...

I just love your scrappages. They are fabulous. Don't give up on us, I have just been raving on Saturday about how good you are.

Nymeth said...

Just do whatever you're in the mood for, Debi! Isn't that what summer is about? And if that doesn't include blogging at the moment, well, we'll miss you but we'll understand.

I love your scrapbook layouts, and I LOVE that we finally get to see a page that also includes you :D *right click, save as* ;)

Thoughts of Joy said...

I love all your scrapbook projects! I just finished a brag book and now I'm working on a book that's 8x8. I'm having sooooo much fun. (BTW - it's digiscrapping)

Memory said...

Those thank you cards are gorgeous! You're so creative.

Melody said...

Ooh, I love your scrapbook layouts! They're lovely! :D

Chris said...

Yep, I might have "right click, save as"-ed that picture too ;) I'm so happy to finally get another pic of you Debi! They're so few and far between!

I love all of your scrap book layouts! They're awesome. And you really had some great reading this month...I think I'm ready to read Nation again already!

Carl V. said...

I love all the stuff you created, the cards and the scrapbook pages. So cool!