Tuesday, August 04, 2009

good stuff...the Rich version

Excuse me for being all mushy this morning...but today is our 19th wedding anniversary, and I feel pretty damn blessed!

*There is no way on Earth I could even imagine being married to someone more supportive than Rich. Seriously, supportive in every thing I do.

*He is so not afraid of embarrassing himself, which allows us to be incredibly goofy. (Much to Annie's chagrin.)

*While he may entertain thoughts of slipping arsenic in my coffee for posting this picture of him, he would never actually follow through.

*He LOVES reading, and accumulating books! So very convenient for me, as I never have to make excuses.

*As much as I hate the fact that I got fat, he couldn't care less. He really couldn't. He tells me all the time how beautiful I am. His rose-colored glasses are obviously very thick!

*He does so many things to make me happy...everything from keeping the car filled with gas because I don't like to do it to bringing me little treats to cleaning the shower because I'm swamped with other work to saying totally awesome things like this:

"Since we're heading as far Memphis on vacation, maybe we should just haul off and go meet Chris in New Orleans. Who knows when we'll be down South again."

*He is such an incredible Daddy to our monkeys. So extremely involved. Not only is that wonderful for them, but it truly makes being a Mommy so much easier.

Happy Anniversary, Rich! I love you more than I can say! (And I apologize about the photo, but it was the most recent one I had. Besides, you look pretty darn good in my book.)


christina said...

That is the sweetest post I've read. :) Congratulations to the both of you. And enjoy your trip.

Amanda said...

Aw, he sound so sweet. Congratulations on 19 years. That's really cool.

Thoughts of Joy said...

My first thought was - this is so sweet. Then I noticed the other two commenters used the same adjective, so it must be true. :) My second thought was - he's a lot like my husband and I feel blessed, too!

Happy Anniversary to you both!

Molly said...

What a wonderful post! Congratulations on 19 years of marriage!!

Nymeth said...

"While he may entertain thoughts of slipping arsenic in my coffee for posting this picture of him, he would never actually follow through."

lmao :D You two are so awesome. Please come visit me for your 20th anniversary dream trip next year! And have a WONDERFUL day today :D

PS: You're going to meet Chris?!?! That's beyond awesome :D

PPS: Yeah, I know I say "awesome" too much :P

Vivienne said...

He sounds like a wonderful man. Happy anniversary and here is to many more years of happiness for you.

Carl V. said...

Happy Anniversary to you both!!! 19! Yay, you're just a year behind us. Isn't it wonderful to have been married for what numerically looks like a 'long time' and yet feels like it has only just begun? It is so wonderful to have a committed friend, partner, lover, confidant...I'm so very happy for you both. You are indeed very blessed, with each other and with wonderful children.

Of course I have to say if you go visit Chris then I'm going to expect a visit to Kansas City as well!!! :)

You two enjoy the heck out of the day!!!

Chris said...

Happy anniversary you two wonderful, amazing, beautiful sweet people! And what's that I heard?? Go see Chris?! You must! You must! You guys have an amazing day! I've told you this before Debi, but I think that you just have the most amazing family out there, and a big part of that is because of you and Rich's wonderful relationship....celebrate that today!

Renay said...

AHHHH What, you're coming to Memphis! YOU COULD MEET ME, I am like. One hour from Memphis. *pines*

Also, congrats on the dude. I feel you on the gas thing, man, isn't having a boy to do that awesome? >>

Stephanie said...

What a wonderful post!! Congrats to both you and Rich!! The perfect couple!!

Michelle said...

Happy anniversary! What a sweet post!

Amy said...

Love this post...so sweet! Happy Anniversary!

Jean said...

The pictures aren't coming through on my computer, but then blogspot hasn't come through since I got to DC on Saturday. But Happy, HAPPY Anniversary. We're five years ahead of you, so let me tell you it has only gotten better for us. Please, please tell me that your route to Memphis is coming through Charlottesville because I'd really love to have your brood meet my brood.

Ali said...

Happy anniversary, Debi and Rich!

Melody said...

What a lovely and sweet post, Debi!
Congrats and Happy Anniversary!!! :D

Memory said...

What a wonderful post! Happy anniversary! I hope you have a great trip.

Kailana said...

Happy anniversary! I actually like pumping gas. I pumped some for my guy today. The only time I put my foot down about pumping gas is when it is raining. :) And, most of the winter...

DesLily said...

Happy Anniversary!
Wow yesterday was Cath's Anniversary and today is yours! August is a good month! lol

ohhh going to meet my "son"?! I know you will be pleased with him ..he is my son you know~ lol..

Debi said...

Thanks. Twice. And then again. :)

He definitely is. Thank you!

Thank you. And blessed is a good thing to be, isn't it? :)

Thank you.

You better know we are!!!! It is absolutely, positively, no doubt about it, at the very top of my agenda!!!! :D
I hope we really do get to meet Chris! Poor guy...this post was the way I dropped the news on him. I figured he'd forgive me. You do, don't you, Chris? ;) The only down side of it--you won't be there. :(
My personal opinion? Too much awesomeness is a good thing. :)

Thank you!
And can I just say that while there is absolutely nothing wrong with the moniker "Scrapgirl" (even sounds sort of superhero-ish)...I love your beautiful name!

Thank you...and wow, leave it to you to be able to so wonderfully put into words the very things I'm feeling.
Oooh, you should watch what you say, you know! We've got friends who live in Kansas that we're hoping to get out to see again one of these days...and guess who is on the very top of our list of "victims" for that trip. Oh yes. ;)

Awwww...thank you! How many times a day does someone tell you that you're the sweetest?!! Not often enough, I'm sure.
I hope you don't mind my springing the possibility of us popping into New Orleans on you this way. Sort of evil of me, huh? I was so excited when Rich mentioned heading down, I nearly peed my pants. Miss Annie, is mighty excited as well. Anyway, I'll be e-mailing you here in the next day or two when we get our act together a little bit. Oh man, don't you so wish Ana could just fly on over, too?

Debi said...

Seriously? Where the hell are you? I had no idea that's where you lived! We used to live in Memphis. Anyway, I am so going to e-mail you to find out where you're at. Oh the possibilities this vacation has to offer. :D

Thank you, my dear!


And you're sweet to say so...thank you!

You better know it, girl!!! I totally apologize for not letting you know what we're up to. We are so bad about traveling...we tend to go the "fly by the seat of your pants" route, which obviously is not very polite when others are involved. But we plan to sit down with an atlas today and try to get plan mapped out. Will you all be around the week of 17th? It will probably be sometime around there depending on what we can do with Bacon. Anyway, I will be in touch very soon.


Thank you, sweetie!

Thank you!

But ewww...you like pumping gas. The smell makes me nearly hurl even from inside the car. Ummm, and if you leave out rainy days and your lengthy winter, that doesn't really leave all that much time, does it? ;)

Thank you!
Isn't it exciting?!! I wish you could pop on over, too!

Carl V. said...

We'd love to take you around and show you the sites, you'd be welcome anytime!!!

Shanra said...

If you're going to visit Nymeth, see if you can't throw in a visit to me too! ^-~

I'll happily join the rest of the comments and say that this is so sweet. It is! Such a sweet and loving and wonderful post to find. You two sound awesome together!

I hope you've had a fantastic day, Debi! Happy anniversary to you both!

(I fail at anniversary commentary, but I mean it. *sends good thoughts and hugs*)

Chris said...

Ok..so now I'm thinking that you need to pick up Renay on your way down to New Orleans ;) Or we can all meet up at Renay's and just stay there, lol. And Ana, you have booked your ticket to New Orleans for this event, right? ;)

Eva said...

Y'all are too adorable! :) And when are you going to New Orleans?!?! Maybe I can talk my mom into taking a road trip with me. We've always wanted to see New Orleans!

Kim L said...

You two are SO ADORABLE. Congratulations by the way, and I think we figured this out last year, but my anniversary is totally the day after yours. Totally a great time of the year to get married :-)

Are you doing anything special for the big 20 next year?