Thursday, September 17, 2009

a hodge podge and a half

We're out of here tomorrow as soon as the boys get home from school. Going to surprise Rich's mom. So much I've been trying to get done before we go, as I know I won't get much accomplished over the weekend. One of those things is finally, finally, finally getting caught up with everyone's posts. "Caught up" just never seems to happen anymore though. But I did the best I could. Certainly has been a fun week around here, huh? Thank you Amy, for all your dedication and hard work in pulling it off...and well, for being the sweetheart that you are! And thanks to all those who helped her with BBAW as well!

School is already kicking my butt, so I've had very little time for "recreational" reading this week. I'm only about halfway through The Knife of Never Letting Go. I'm hoping to be able to finish it in the car tomorrow (note to self: don't forget book light!). Seriously can't get over how much I'm loving this book. Honestly don't know if it's just me, or if it's entirely the book, or if it's some combination of the two...but this book just has my emotions in overdrive. It's so raw and powerful and compelling...and I don't even know entirely what the hell's even going on yet!

There was this paragraph that I read this morning that just hit me. One of the saddest things I've ever read in a fictional work. I found myself reading it again. And then again. Like I somehow didn't believe that something could be this sad. I'm so curious, to any of you who have read the book, did this passage hit you as well? I don't think it gives away anything about the story to share it here:

Maybe our story will turn out differently if we take the left fork, maybe the bad things that are waiting to happen to us won't happen, maybe there's happiness at the end of the left fork and warm places with the people who love us and no Noise but no silence neither and there's plenty of food and no one dies and no one dies and no one never never dies.

Oh my gosh...I can't believe I almost forgot to tell you. Yes, I'm beaming with pride at myself. See, the best, and man, I do mean the very best, library sale in the county is going on this week. And I didn't go. Rich and Annie went. But not me. Any freakin' idea how hard it was to say no?!! But I did it!!!

I think the willpower involved in this book buying ban ranks right up there with the willpower it took to quit smoking all those many years ago. Oh shit...I gained almost 50 pounds in the year following quitting smoking. I gain one lousy pound and this ban is history! ;)


Nymeth said...

Reading that passage again is making me want to reach for my copy of the book and hug it. It's not just you!!

And congratulations on resisting the sale! I'm not sure if I'd have managed to be honest :P

I hope you have a wonderful weekend, Debi! Catching up has been next to impossible these much going on!

Amanda said...

I'll second your sentiment - if I lose a single pound due to my book ban, I'll quit, too. :D

Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

Ooh, a surprise trip sounds fun! Hope you all have a wonderful time :)

I've gotten better about library sales too. I skipped the last one at my local library and the one at the next closest library to me is this Saturday. I'm not planning on going then either. I am, however, planning on ordering books from Amazon soon. I have some credit built up there from two points systems that I use. I can't turn down free books! :)

Have a safe trip :)

Megan said...

You're a better woman than me - I could never (never!) skip the library sale. Even if I was swimming in a sea of books (and I kind of am!). Keep up the good work and, hey, if you think you're starting to gain a pound or two you could always, oh, carry a few boxes of books up and down a few flights of stairs. Then you'd lose weight *and* strengthen your resolve.....right? LOL!

Looking forward to when you finish The Knife of Never Letting Go so I can hear your thoughts - that is quite a passage!

Trish said...

And did Rich and Annie pick you up anything at the sale or was it compltely cold turkey? I passed up an opportunity to go to the bookstore today at lunch. My FAVORITE bookstore. I've been having such a hard time finishing anything lately that I'm not in the mood, though.

But now after hearing you, Chris, and Nymeth rave about The Knife...I really want it. Shame on you guys!

Melody said...

I can't wait to read that book as I've heard nothing but raves about it!

I salute you for resisting the book sale! I simply can't resist a bargain especially when it comes to books!!! I've no self-control, LOL.

Eva said...

Look at that will power!! Congrats!! And enjoy youre weekend away. :)

Chris said...

That passage got me too...I think I had to just stop for a second after I read that. I remember going over it a few times myself. I felt like that passage right there was a pivotal point in the book. He comes back to it later. Beautiful writing, huh? God I love that book.

Y'all are hitting the road again?! Good lord y'all travel a lot!! have fun you guys!!!

And good for you for not buying anything :) I'm doing great if I can only stop MOOCHING books I'll be fine!

Vivienne said...

I am so glad you are enjoying the book. It is definitely a very moving passage, but not the only one that got me. One passage made me put the book down as I was so upset about what happened.

I am impressed about you missing the book sale.

Have a lovely weekend.

DesLily said...

(want me to send you a box of very fattening chocolate so you can gain a pound?) heh