Thursday, September 10, 2009

I give up

I tried to post about all the books that I dragged home with me from vacation. Actually I did post, but I deleted it. Because no matter how hard I tried, I could not get things spaced right. And photos kept disappearing. And well, I just got too frustrated to fight with Blogger any longer. Life's too short and all that.

So here's a much abbreviated version of that horrendous post.

Points go to:
*2 to Chris (for The Photographer and for Miejong)
*2 to Nymeth (for The Wizard of Earthsea and for East)
*1 to Kailana (for East)
*1 to DesLily (for Igraine the Brave)
Sorry for no explanations. And no links. I'm still fuming at Blogger. And yes, I do realize it's probably just me, not Blogger...but I've had so many problems with Blogger lately that I just feel like blaming them. ;)

I will try again with their back-to-school pics:

The morning the boys went back to school. Somehow it just didn't seem like a good sign. Foggy. Slightly, or not so slightly, eerie. But I'm happy to report that all went well.

The one and only "sort of" smiling photo I managed of them that morning. But that's okay...they cooperated for that one so I gave them free reign to have their own version of a photo shoot for the rest of the 100 pictures I took.

Which is why I ended up with photos like this. :D

And I certainly don't want to leave my sweet girlie out. This is Miss Annie arriving home from her first day of school. (She already loves her Children's Lit there was any doubt she would.)


Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

Well, my Google Reader showed a new post from you, with a photo of books (including a cookbook!), but when I clicked on the link.... poof! It was gone :) Sorry blogger is giving you fits. Computers in general, I think, do that to all of us on a regular basis.

Eerie picture, but the ones of the boys more than make up! I LOVE the one of them with their tongues out, so cute and priceless! Annie is looking so beautiful and grown-up these days. Some momma is doing a wonderful job, you know!

Nymeth said...

I was going to say the same as Stacy - I saw the post on GR (and it looked fine there!), and when I clicked over to comment it was gone :( Sniff!

Well, at least I did see which books you got, and there were some awesome ones in there. And you know, I've been thinking recently that I need to get some cookbooks. Only I'm such a picky eater, and so suspicious of ingredients I haven't tried before...I wonder if there's one out there called "Cooking for Picky and Unadventurous Eaters" :P

I love the pictures! Including the ones of your decorations that aren't here :(

Amanda said...

Debi, have you tried changing over to the new posting form? If you go into your settings, you can change to the new one, and it lets you move the pictures around easier. It also gives a better preview. I hate the way pictures work in blogger, but I seem to have more luck with it that way.

Melody said...

I've the same issue: your post looks fine on GR but some pics are gone when I clicked onto the link. Urgh! I hope Blogger will have this prob fix quickly!

Love all the pics! I wish I could go on a book ban too! I've been buying a lot of books lately, and it seems I'm running out of space storing them. Looks like I've to clear some of those piles but I hate doing so! :P

Hope you all have a wonderful week!

Molly said...

I totally sympathize with your blog issues. Take deep breaths - and perhaps a glass of wine :)

Eva said...

I totally sympathise-that's part of why I switched to WP!

Those pictures are all just darling Debi. :D

DesLily said...

oh my, i hope the boys like Igraine the Brave! I just love Cornelia Funkes writing..and of course love Inkheart ..sigh..

the photo of the boys with their tongues out made me laugh.. a picture came to mind from Christmas Story when young Flick had his tongue stuck to the pole !

it's incredible how fast kids grow up...

Chris said...

I got to see your original post in my google reader :) So all that hard work paid off after all :) Glad you're enjoying the cookbook!! And glad I got some explanation on why I'm getting the point on Miejong ;) Have you read that one yet by the way? It looked really good!!

Love the pics of the kiddos!! And thanks so much again for my package!! Put a huge smile on my face :)

Carl V. said...

Everyone is getting to be so grown up. It is fun watching your kids grow and mature through the years you've done your blog. Sorry it has been frustrating lately. The joys of technology!

kreed said...

I think I am finally caught up on your blog posts...

First of all, what a wonderful vacation! Your pictures are great and it sounds like it was so much fun. I am glad you all got to get away, meet up with some old and new friends and, most importantly, eat some beignets!

I am glad the boys first day of school went well. It will be nice to have the same teacher and kids around. I am also jealous of Annie's children's lit class - what fun!

Lastly, I have a solution for your empty nest problem...come visit me and we can catch up and work on scrapbooking the years worth of pictures we won't have time to get to!

Vivienne said...

I feel like I missed out now as everyone else saw it and I didn't. Blogger can be a pain. I am envious of Annie's class, it sounds fabulous. I thought you homeschooled Annie. I am so confused.

I like the eerie fog picture and your boys looks very relaxed going back to school.

Kailana said...

I get really annoyed with pictures and blogger, too, so I can relate!

And, yay for getting EAST!

Debi said...

Yep, actually two of my books were cookbooks. Not that I needed any new cookbooks, but oh my, they're just oh-so-much fun, aren't they?

Oh man, you sound just like me...I'm definitely picky and unadventurous! Gray and Max, too...which is why I was shocked when they tried grilled alligator in New Orleans. (Though while Gray liked it, he's still feeling guilt over breaking his vegetarianism for a day...poor guy.)

Thanks! I will definitely try that! Though I still suspect that most of the problem is me. ;)

That's definitely a bit part of the problem here, too...there's just no where left to house all the new lovelies that come into this house.

:D Sounds like fine advice to me.

I fear wordpress is way over my poor technologically-backwards brain! Seriously, I still get all confused with e-mail sometimes. Yes, I truly am that pathetic. ;)

I have no doubt whatsoever that we're all going to love Igraine!!!

I haven't read Meijong yet, but I really, really want does look wonderful, doesn't it?
And you know you're more than welcome for the package!!!!!
And as for the pictures of the boys, you now know which captures their true essence, huh? :D

They really have grown up soooo much since I first started this whole blogging thing. But then you know how it goes, huh? I cannot believe Tori is now a senior!!! *sigh* It's all so bittersweet seeing them grow, isn't it?

LOL...yes, the beignets were definitely one of many highlights! :D Pure artery-clogging heaven!!!!
Somehow, I have a feeling we'd do a lot more gabbing than scrapping...but that's just fine with me, too!!! It's seriously been way too long. Way too long.

I do homeschool Annie. She's just taking a Children's Lit class at the community college for her English class. So this means she spends Tues. and Thurs. at the campus (my husband works there) and I just send the assignments for her other classes with her on those days.
And yes, I think they were comfortable going back...which helped relieve some of the sadness I was feeling. (Still I miss their sweet faces and giggling voices throughout the day...but I'm sure that's normal, huh?)

Like I could resist East after you and Ana ganged up. ;)

Trish said...

You know how much I hate to do this, but I can't leave town on Friday with posts still in my reader, so I'm leaving my comments for all of your posts here instead of each individual post. I'm not even going to bother asking forgiveness. :P

That picture of the boys sticking their tongues out at each other couldn't be cuter.

Annie looks so incredibly grown up!

Time Traveler's Wife is one of my favorites. LOVE it.

I love your Halloween decorations. I'm torn--with Scott being in Europe all October, I just don't think I can bring myself to drag out all those boxes of decorations (TONS of boxes) and dress the house up. It breaks my heart, but please post more pictures of yours!!

That Scary Stories book scares the shit out of me. Even at 28 years old. I used to have such nightmares when I was little because of those illustrations.

Gray and the skink! I actually JUST heard of a skink for the first time last week. And I agree with Max--the tiger would be my favorite too.

Oh and Chris. I'm so glad you guys were able to meet (even if I must say for the millionth time how jealous I am). I'm thrilled he took such good care of you and the gang during your stay.

And I LOVE seeing your smiling face.

And yes yes yes to everything in your reassessing post. I've been trying to do some of that lately as well.

Hmmm--probably should have just sent you an email. :) Is this the world's longest comment or what!