Thursday, September 03, 2009

vacation photos, part I

I'm going to beg for your forgiveness in advance in the event that I overpost today. Because, well, I'm feeling particularly chatty. And well, I have lots of things I could bombard you with in addition to vacation stuff--book reviews I'm behind on, blame to be passed out, my new book-buying rules, etc. The good news for you is that I have lots of other stuff I have to get done today, so maybe you'll be spared after all. ; )

Vacation: Day 1

NY to PA (to drop off Baker at my parents) to Antietam National Battlefield in MD.

So wish I could just sleep like this in the car. :D


Vacation: Day 2

Spent the morning and early afternoon at Antietam. Left MD, traveled through WV, and into VA. Made it to Jean's gorgeous home in the late afternoon. While I got to meet Jean (who happens to be Rich's cousin) last summer when we met up at Gettysburg, this was the first any of us got to meet her family. And what an awesome family they are!!! (A photo of their good-looking mugs is shown under day 3.) We hung out at their home for a while, and then headed out to this awesome Chinese restaurant that had oodles and oodles of choices for the vegetarians among us. Then we headed to UVA and walked around the lovely grounds.

Miscellaneous shots from Antietam.

Rich trying to pull Max's extremely loose tooth with chopsticks. (Max lost two teeth on vacation, and another the day after we got home.)

Shot of one of the beautiful serpentine walls on the grounds of UVA.

Vacation: Day 3

After a scrumptious breakfast at a local favorite, The Tavern, we hit the road. Drove the rest of the way down through VA and down to Cleveland, TN.

Those good-looking mugs I mentioned earlier.

Vacation: Days 4-5

We spent two fabulous days hanging out with our old friends Bill and Deborah, staying at their home. We ate a lot, played a lot, and just hung out. On the afternoon of day 5, we met up with some other old friends, David and Judy, for lunch. And then went for a nice walk. (No pics of our friends because I haven't asked permission to post them.)

Random photos from Cleveland, TN.

Vacation: Day 6

Spent mostly in the car. Left Cleveland in the morning, and stopped at our favorite ever used book store in Chattanooga, TN, before heading through GA and into AL. Stopped in Helena for a quick visit with our sis-in-law and nephews. (Again, I haven't asked permission to post photos.) Then on through AL into MS and finally into LA.

Oh, how I love this place.

Evening in southern MS.

Okay, I guess I've bored you all enough for now. But guess what happens on day 7...yep, I finally get to meet Chris!!!! :D :D :D Whom I've missed every minute since we had to leave! :(


Jean said...

Nice photos! There are a couple from Antietam that you might consider for your 50 photos to be proud of item on your 50 list. Can't wait to see the rest of them!

Debi said...

I think my favorite of all those photos is the one of you all!!! And of course, that had nothing to do with my all are just damn photogenic!

Chris said...

Oh Debi I could just read posts like this forever!! I love them :D It looks like y'all had such an awesome awesome trip! I heard all about it when you were down here, but it adds so much to see pictures. Antietam is just gorgeous!! You take such amazing pictures. And I love the picture of Jean and her family!! She's beautiful :) I think my favorite picture here is the family pic towards the end with the boys making faces :p How many of THOSE do you have :p Can't wait to see the rest of your pics!!

Debi said...

Jean really is beautiful, isn't she? Inside and out.
You know the boys all too well now, don't you?!! I'm not sure how I managed a "not making faces" pic of them at Bayou Segnette...can't remember for sure, but I must have bribed them with something pretty good. ;)

Amanda said...

Yay for photos! I can't believe that one about the tooth, though, ah! :D

Amanda said...

And btw, that picture of your whole family is precious. Thanks for sharing.

DesLily said...

wow who punched Max in the jaw to loose so many teeth? lol.. did the tooth fairy show up? ..and how come you didn't get pictures of the tooth fairy???? lol..

great pictures Debi! Cant' wait to see more of "my son" with you all tomorrow!!

Eva said...

I love all of these, but my two faves are the family picture of y'all outside (you all look so wonderful and happy!) and the one of Rich with chopsticks trying to pull out a toot, lol. It's like the Chinese tooth fairy!

Vivienne said...

Such beautiful pictures. I would like to have seen inside the book store though!

Anonymous said...

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