Tuesday, September 01, 2009


Whew. Finally unpacked. Caught up on the laundry. The massive pile of mail has been dealt with. Menu made, and groceries stockpiled for the week. Even managed to knock out the shopping for the boys' mile-long list of required school supplies. But I just can't seem to defeat google reader. *sigh*

So, in keeping with my newly formed list of goals (#2), I'm clicking the mark-as-read button.

Now I realize that many say that goals should be specific and measurable. And I do understand how that can make it easier to see one's progress. So maybe I shouldn't actually call these goals. More of a new way to approach life.

#1--Create more.

#2--Stress less.

#3--Cook more. And cook healthier.

#4--Spend less. And spend more wisely.

#5--Be more accepting of who I am.

#6--Take risks.

#7--Live a varied life.

Yes, our trip invigorated me. Can you tell? :D And the start of a new season helps, too...sort of like the feeling of starting a new year.

Damn, I love the feeling of optimism!


Vivienne said...

I am walking right beside for the first four goals. Since starting my blog, my scrapping has really taken a back seat and I need to schedule more time for it. I need a balance.

Carl V. said...

I love that feeling to, and I'm right there with you on all the goals. Although I've been doing some of those, and woefully failing at others, I too will renew my commitment to do all those...except Mary does most of the cooking, but I can help more. :)

Debi said...

Yes...you need to scrap more...so I can see more of your lovely layouts. :D

Shall I let Mary know you said that? ;)

Eva said...

What a great outlook Debi! I've adjusted mine lately too (reassessing) is a great word, and optimism is definitely a wonderful thing. :D

Chris said...

Oh Debi I just absolutely love these goals :D I think that I need to do a little bit of reassessing myself and aim to achieve some of the same goals as yourself. And I have to tell you Debi that I am so happy to see number 5 on your list :D Because that person is incredible! Ok...sometimes I sound like a frickin after school special, don't I? :p

Stephanie said...

What a great list. One of these days I need to take the time to reasses my life. What does it say about me that I'm too busy to do even that??

Good for you!

Jean said...

Great goals, Debi, and ones to which we probably all could aspire. And isn't the change of seasons truly wonderful. I swear that yesterday, with the advent of September, fall swooped in and seized the morning air here. I imagine it's even more fall-like up north. :-)

Nymeth said...

Go Debi! I love your goals :D

Amanda said...

It's wonderful when something can rejuvenate you!

Staci said...

I love that list!! In fact, I might incorporate it into my daily mantra!!

Eva said...

Debi! You teased me with a post in my reader that said "vacation photos." But now there are not photos! I am a sad Eva. :(

Carl V. said...

No way! Keep that under wraps! ;)

Just kidding. I do cooking when it comes to grilling out, but there's no way I can top her in the actual kitchen and since we both want to eat stuff that actually tastes good then it is probably best that I do things like set the table, etc. and stay away from the stove!