Saturday, October 24, 2009

Dewey's Read-a-thon 5 Update 3

Since last post:

On the clock:

--Reading: 205 minutes

--On computer (blogging, commenting/cheering, mini-challenges): 45 minutes

--Other (pet care, dealing with little boys, etc.): 20 minutes

Between the covers:

--Number of pages: 167

--What I read: Where The Wild Things Were--chap. 2--by William Stolzenburg, Jar of Fools by Jason Lutes

Down the hatch:

--Food: one slice of pizza, 3 mozzarella sticks, 2 pieces of chocolate

--Drink: one glass of ice cold cola (such a treat, as we normally don't buy pop)


On the clock:

--Reading: 570 minutes

--On computer (blogging, commenting/cheering, mini-challenges): 135 minutes

--Other (pet care, dealing with little boys, etc.): 65 minutes

Between the covers:

--Number of pages: 758 pages (graphic novel/manga) + 50 (non-fiction) + 116 (fiction) = 924 (total)

--What I've read: Dramacon Ultimate Edition by Svetlana Chmakova, Green Angel by Alice Hoffman, Jar of Fools by Jason Lutes, and started Where the Wild Things Were by William Stolzenburg

Down the hatch:

--Food: bowl of fruit salad, piece of coffee cake, 1/3 of a large cheese sub, 6 pieces of chocolate, slice of cheese pizza, 3 mozzarella sticks

--Drink: 2 small cups coffee, one big glass of water, one small frozen coffee, one glass of ice cold cola

Miscellaneous comments:
It's waaaaaay too early to be this tired.


Eva said...

Yay! You're back! Pet & little boy care seem to be awfully distracting, but you're doing SO GREAT with your reading!!!

OMG, I miss mozzarella stick so much. I'm going to try a gluten free version with some chickpea flour I got at the Indian grocery store verrrry soon!

Rich said...

Dang, babe. You've read a lot of pages! If I could stay awake I might be more productive...and if Knife of Never Letting Go didn't shake my mental foundation.
See you in the library soon, I hope.

twiga92 said...

You're doing great! I'm getting hungry reading about what people are eating. Coffee cake sounds good. We have no chocolate in the house! How did this happen? Oh, yeah, hubby is on a diet. Gonna go get some honey-nut cheerios.
Happy reading!

Michelle said...

Way to hang in there! Halfway through - keep it up!

Amanda said...

Aw, sorry you're getting tired! Hugs to you!

Jean said...

Wake up
Wake up
Wake up
Pages await you
As does your sweetie
In the Library
With a Book
Oh, wait, we're not really playing Clue, are we?

Read on!!!!!

Chris said...

Debi!! You've probably hit 1000 pages by now! Look at you go :D I know just what you need to wake yourself up...ROTEL DIP!!!! That'll wake anyone up. And a big hug from me *hugstheshitoutofdebi*

Nymeth said...

Love you, Debi! You're reading some AWESOME stuff!

And lmao @ Chris' hug :D

Vasilly said...

What about a really short nap? Happy reading!

Lexi said...

Good grief. I'm embarrassed by your stats (and possibly by my spelling of embarrassed). Keep up the great work!

Kailana said...

Wow you are doing a really great job Debi! See, when you have time you are a fast reader!

Maree said...

Wow, great going! I love ice-cold Coke. Nothing better :D

Laza said...

Aaaand now I want mozzarella sticks! Cheering is so dangerous when readers list what their eating! I just start getting hungry!!!

Looks like you're doing great! Keep it up!