Friday, March 10, 2006

cruel irony

Yesterday, it seemed like such a great idea to just "take the day off" as much as possible. Figured a morning off to play and create was just what the doctor ordered. Stupid, stupid doctor! The result of this spontaneous act of kindness to myself resulted in tendonitis. Tiny tears in two of the tendons in my right hand. How's that for a scrapbook-related injury?!! Yes--I actually did it while I was scrapbooking. And now I'm supposed to keep the dang thing immobilized and rested for a few weeks. So far, this is not going all that well. Take, for instance, this's taken about 10 minutes to hunt-and-peck this out so far. Oh, I know, I really shouldn't be complaining too the larger scheme of things, my problem pales. I just found it a cruel twist of irony that this is result of trying to give myself a break on a tough day. Guess I'd better resurrect that internal slave driver.

Quote of the day:
"Some days you're the bug.
Other days you're the windshield." --unknown

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