Sunday, April 29, 2007

just rambling

Didn't accomplish near all I'd hoped for yesterday. But I really should have known better than to set such high expectations. After all, I knew Rich and Annie were going to be away the entire day...and I've got two little boys who don't make their Mommy's productivity a priority. Did get a fair bit accomplished for the school week ahead (though I've still got a bit to do). Managed to fold and put away 6 loads of laundry. And worked just a tiny bit in the craft room...still don't have it entirely emptied for today's planned painting. I'm getting close to conceding defeat for the the 30 Day Organizational Challenge, but I'll keep plugging away. Even if I don't finish by the deadline (which is midnight Tuesday), I'll finish sometime soon. So entering the challenge was a worthwhile endeavor.

Annie and Rich had a marvelous time yesterday. Rich's school was hosting a conference for community college biology professors. Rich gave a presentation on teaching evolution. And of course, he was nervous about it. But it apparently went incredibly well. In fact, a professor came up to him afterward and asked how much he would charge to come make the presentation at her school. Rich and Annie were able to go to a presentation by Steve Daniels, a naturalist that Rich really admires, about moths in the area. Rich will be talking about this one for months, I guarantee you. And then, Rich and Annie went to the airport to pick up Mark Norell (the paleontologist). They were both thrilled beyond words to get this "honor". And according to them, he's an incredibly nice guy. They got him checked into his hotel, and then they all went off to a dinner. Then came Norell's presentation, which enthralled both Rich and Annie. And afterward, they all went off to a restaurant to hang out a bit. Rich and Annie arrived home in giddy spirits (and no, they're hadn't been drinking). They just had had such a wonderful day!


Jean said...

What a wonderful day!!! I hope Annie got the book autographed as well as shared her review with him.

Carrie! :o) said...

Awww, Annie is going to be full of the most wonderful memories when she grows up. How nice that she can experience all of this right beside her Dad. :o) Wonder if Annie would mind swinging by my house to check out this moth, LOL. It's been stuck to my ceiling for days and refuses to move. We have cathedral ceilings and I can't even get near it, LOL.

amy said...

SOunds like a great day!!! How wonderful