Wednesday, April 18, 2007

learning with Annie

When Annie and I began our homeschooling adventure this school year, it was for a very specific reason (i.e., she just wasn't getting what she needed at school). But it's amazing how our journey has developed and changed. We are having so much fun with this! I'm not saying it's not difficult, because it is. But that's mostly because of my anal retentive nature. Actually neither Annie nor I are cut out for the unschooling method of homeschooling, though I often wish we were. At the beginning of the year, we were definitely of the school-at-home style. But we've loosened up a bit.

We started a new quarter here this week, and we seem to off to a good start. A few of the things we're particularly enjoying right now...

*We finished up watching The War That Made America. We both thoroughly enjoyed it, and I have to admit I learned a great deal! Rich wants to watch it one of these days, so I'll probably even watch it again.

*We're started reading Just Jane by William Lavender. (We read it separately, and then discuss it.) I've never read much historical fiction, but I'm enjoying it so far. And it's meshes nicely with our other studies of the American Revolution, which we also just began.

*We watched the first episode of The Revolution this morning. I saw all but 2 of the episodes when the History Channel aired it last summer, so I already knew I was going to enjoy it. Annie is definitely enjoying it as well. Of course, this kiddo loves learning so much that she enjoys just about everything!

*We've started a unit (that's a bit formal, but I'm not sure what else to call it) about New York authors. This week we're reading Rip Van Winkle aloud. I was surprised that Annie didn't already know the story, but she is quite captivated by it thus far.

*Though she's still writing down the titles and authors of the books she reads in her book log, she's for the most part now writing book reviews on her blog instead of writing short reports in the log. Much more fun!

*Annie is working on a set of greeting cards in an abstract expressionist style to send out as thank yous for her birthday. I'll have to remember to take a picture of them before she sends them.

Well, that's a few of the highlights from our past few days. (Sometimes it just feels good to write it down to know that we're actually accomplishing something.)


Rebecca said...

Very nice :)

NY Book Authors would be a great one to do for us,too! Gotta get that NY history in somewhere,eh? :P I always feel like all we do relating to NY is Women's History (since we're close to Seneca Falls),Native Americans and the geology of NY (because of all the gorges and lakes in our area). That would be a great twist.

Rebecca said...

oh..and I just posted my books for Non-Fiction Five! LOL

Anonymous said...

I agree. It's nice to see in *writing* what we've accomplished and where we're headed. I always feel so much better when I can *paint that picture*. In SC, we have to keep portfolios. I like to sit down and look through it every few months to see *all* the work. :o) Sounds like y'all are doing loads of enjoyable things! :o)

Jean said...

And writing down what you (and Annie) have been doing will help in terms of any formal documentation you might have to provide the powers that be. I remember your saying that the regs are tighter in New York than they are here in Virginia in terms of curriculum. Keep up the good work!

Dawn said...

It sounds like you both are getting a lot out of this homeschooling situation :)

Oh, I just loved Rip Van Winkle!

take care,