Sunday, May 11, 2008

motherhood is many things...

Mother's Day. Okay, I feel like I should be writing some incredibly witty or poignant post for today, but let's face it, incredibly witty and poignant aren't exactly in my repertoire. So instead, I decided to just gather up some "motherhood" posts I've written in the past...just a small smattering of all those wonderful, agonizing, incredible feelings that motherhood brings.

Motherhood can have you rolling.

Motherhood can melt your heart.

Motherhood can make you smile.

Motherhood can be challenging.

Motherhood can be downright embarrassing.

Motherhood can break your heart.

Motherhood can be exhausting.

Motherhood can make you ponder.

Motherhood brings gifts galore.

Motherhood can be bittersweet.

Motherhood can make you giggle.

Motherhood can leave you feeling proud.

Motherhood is the most priceless gift, the most joyous journey life has to offer.

Happy Mother's Day!


Jennifer said...

Debi, I think this was the PERFECT Mother's Day post! I loved it. I clicked on every single one and read them - most of them were posted back before I started reading you blog, so it was great to read those! I think you pretty much summed up motherhood, and you did it well!

Hope your Mother's Day is fantastic!

Chris said...

Such a sweet post and I enjoyed every single link :) All of these were new to me except for Annie's winning of NaNo! And that was certainly something to be proud of. I've enjoyed hearing about your kids so much over the past year and about your wonderful experiences as a mother. You do it so well. Enjoy your day Debi! Happy Mother's Day to you!!!

Nymeth said...

Happy Mother's Day, Debi! I think your repertoire is wider than you realize...many of those posts were very touching. And you rock at motherhood. Your children are lucky to have you!

Kim L said...

Oh what a great post!! I read through all of those links and what great stories. Some of them just made me laugh out loud. Happy Mother's Day, and I hope you get to really enjoy it :-)

Lis Garrett said...

I got down to the *embarrassing* post (which had me in stitches, b/c it sounds like MY family) before the oven timer beeped. Anyway, I *love* how you've linked to past posts. Many of these are new to me, but each one made me smile in some way. Happy Mother's Day to one of the best I *know!*

Don't ever tell me again how no one is interested in what you have to say!!

Melody said...

What a WONDERFUL post, Debi! Hope you've a great Mother's Day celebration! :)

Eva said...

This was poignant and witty! And so funny. :) I agree-it's the perfect Mother's Day post!!

Debi said...

You all are way too nice to me...thank you! Seriously, from the bottom of my heart...thank you!

Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

Hope you had a fantastically terrific Mother's Day!!!