Sunday, November 23, 2008


Okay, I know I've gushed on more than one occasion about how much I adore Ali Edwards. About how much she inspires me. Well, I decided to prove it. I totally fell in love with this project of hers, her little "December Daily Album". (Okay, I totally fall in love with nearly everything she does, but that's beside the point.)

So I said to myself, "Okay Debra Anne, just do it!"

To which myself answered, "Yeah right. When the hell am I supposed to find the time for that?!!"

Then I smacked myself upside the head, and said, "Make the time, you idiot. Frozen pizza for supper and little toothpaste left in the sink isn't going to kill anyone."

And guess what, I really did it! Granted, my version isn't nearly as cool as Ali's. But who freakin' cares...I'm totally in love with my little December Daily album. And I'll only love it more as each day of December leading up to Christmas goes by and I add my photos and journaling for the day. And yep, I'll probably subject you to pages as they fill up, but I figure you all know how to hit that "mark as read" button so it'll be okay.

Before I started, I made myself a few "rules" to follow:
1. I was only allowed to use things I already owned...and scraps, leftovers, and "trash" were most preferable.
2. I was not allowed to plan anything ahead; I just had to make the pages without worrying what came before or what would come after. (This was very hard for me...I'm anal to the nth degree!)
3. I was not allowed to stress. This was to be pure fun. Perfection is not only impossible, it's boring.

Anyway, here's a picture of the album I put together:

And a peek at the inside pages:

(The front cover is made from an old piece of chipboard saved from somewhere. It's covered with an old Christmas card and scraps of cardstock. Handy dandy Dymo label maker for the title strips. Back cover is the back of old steno pad, covered in cardstock, with a piece of ribbon from a former Christmas gift woven through the holes.)


J. Kaye Oldner said...

Oh. My. Gosh. It's beautiful!! You seriously blow me away.

Trish said...

Please do post updates!! I love the creativity that went into this and your end product (or um, beginning product) is lovely! I popped over to Ali's website and have decided there is no way possible that she is human. I may have to subscribe, but even just reading #2 and #3 of your rules made me anxious. :) Can't wait to see how you fill the days, Debi!

Nymeth said...

lol, I had to laugh at the tag "crafty crap" :P I think this is a lovely idea and I look forward to the updates! And the album looks beautiful, too.

Jean said...

Cool! And you seem to think that I'm creative. Ha!

Quixotic said...

This is great Debi!! :)

Jennifer said...

Debi, I love this! Now I want to do one! But it's not likely I'll have the time. Maybe I can do the journaling and pics and save them, then actually assemble it later. Thanks so much for sharing the idea. Yours looks great!

Glad you are going to get some space in the library - it just wouldn't be right if you didn't! LOL! (I'm trying to get caught up on blog reading, or I'd post individually on your other posts...sorry!)

Love the brain comment - I feel like that too! I think I'm going to use that in the future! So cute that he said that.

And now I want some hot cocoa after seeing Annie's!

Melody said...

It's lovely, Debi! I want to make one now but I've absolutely no idea what I should do... plus I don't think I'm that creative as you ladies do!!! :P

Nicole said...

I love your album! and the fact that you had rules to keep you in check. I love to do little projects like this when I have the time.

Eva said...

How wonderful!! I wish I was craftier...I've lately gotten back into keeping a journal, and I do little mini-collages in the journal, but that's the extent of things.

kreed said...

Awesome! And way to just DO IT! Now if I could just follow your lead...