Sunday, December 07, 2008

talented ladies...

If you don't already know that Nymeth is one of the sweetest people on the planet, then you apparently live in a cave. Either that, or you're not a book blogger and have never made her acquaintance. And if you do read her blog, you also already know she's one very talented person. (Seriously, is there anyone who can write a more insightful, intelligent, downright eloquent book review than she can? I think not.) But her talents don't stop there. Just look at these beautiful bookmarks she sent to Annie and I for Christmas. And these photos don't even do them justice...they are just so gorgeous!

I think it was Chris who said before that we need to convince her to open an Etsy shop, and he was so right! Thank you again, Nymeth! So very, very, very much! Annie and I couldn't treasure them more!


And speaking of talented people, I never had a chance to mention how Annie did with NaNoWriMo this year. Well, my silly little girl was disappointed in herself, because she only made it to a little over 45,000 words (her goal was 50,000). But considering that she wrote 15,000+ words during the first week of November before our computer crashed, and then started all over on a brand new novel on November 14th and got to 45,000+ words on that one, I'd say she did way better than okay!


And one final thing for the evening, I know I'm supposed to be cutting way down on challenges, but there's a few I just HAD to join. (Okay, I'm sort of doing several more "unofficially" too, but we really don't need to go there, now do we.) First, of course, there's Annie's What's In A Name 2 Challenge. And there's J.Kaye's Support Your Local Library Reading Challenge. And now Eva has gone and started a challenge that is IMPOSSIBLE for me to resist...The World Citizen Challenge.


Dawn said...

Oh those are lovely bookmarks. What a nice gift to give two of the most advid readers I know. I agree, those should be in an etsy shop!!!

Good luck with those challenges.

take care,

Chris said...

I got some beautiful bookmarks too! Aren't they amazing? They're my new favorites and I use them constantly :p

Congrats to Annie!! I don't think I ever told her. That's really amazing. So she wrote 60,000 words in a month! That's nuts, lol.

Yeah, I'm right there with you with the's getting bad again :/

Kristi said...

Way to go, Annie! Jeez, I'm a full-time writer and I didn't do that well with NaNoWriMo!

Beautiful bookmarks, too. Congrats.

Trish said...

What beautiful bookmarks! I love that ladybug one--to cute! And congrats to Annie. Can't the 15 be added to the 45 to come up with 60??? Anyway--giant kudos.

DesLily said...

wow, congrats to Annie!!

I can see those challenges are sneaking up on you once again!

Nymeth said...

I can't tell you how happy I am that you both liked them so much :D And seeing that picture of Annie holding them in her hands is just so cool. The fact that I can drop a package off at the post office and it will reach the hands of a person anywhere in the world never cases to amaze me. And I know I sound like a three-year-old who has just been introduced to the concept of postal delivery, but part of me still can't get over how cool that is. Sort of like the library...whenever I go into one I'm still secretly going "You mean I can read ANY of these books? I can borrow them? You really mean it?" Anyway, I'm a dork :P

And Annie's achievement is just amazing! I'm not sure what the NaNo rules are, but she really should be allowed to add up the words, even if they were for two different novels. Because she did write more than 60,000 words in a month!

My whole "I will join less challenges next year" decision is going down the drain too, lol.

Melody said...

Those bookmarks are lovely!!! Nymeth is really a creative and talented person. I'm so glad to have known her! :)

Melody said...

And congrats to Annie! I think she has done very well for the NaNo!!! :)

Carl V. said...

As someone who does think Nymeth is sweet and does live in a cave I resent the implications of your opening statement!!! ;)

Great bookmarks.

45,000 words, eh? Not sure I even *said* 45,000 words in November. That is quite the accomplishment!