Monday, October 05, 2009

snapshots of fall

I have to admit that I've had a major case of the "blahs" lately. I'm sorry...I don't mean to whine. And I hate making excuses, but that's why I haven't been a very good blogger lately. I can't seem to keep up with my blog reading at all, and I really haven't been posting much either. There's certainly nothing wrong in my life, and I've actually been quite busy. Actually maybe that's part of the problem--maybe I've been too busy. So many things to do for so many people. Not the least of which is school stuff. Sorry again. Seems like I complain about school all the time. And I shouldn't. Because I know how very lucky we are to be in a position to give Annie the education she needs and just can't get at the local public school. But it is so draining...  Anyway. I need to snap out of this funk!!!

And Susan unwittingly gave me a little boost this morning. When I read her post loaded with fall photos, I was inspired to grab my camera and head out into the yard. The funny thing is is that this is a yearly tradition with me. Every year I spend a morning taking fall photos in our yard. But it had never entered my mind this year. That's what the blahs will do to you, I guess.Anyway, thank you, Susan!

Okay, I admit I'm no photographer, but what the heck, it's never stopped me from posting pictures before. ;) Here's a look at autumn in our tiny little patch of upstate New York:

Very few flowers about now. These sedum seem to be the only thing blooming in our yard. And yes, I love flowers, but...

I actually tend to enjoy even more when they're dead.



And what's fall without changing leaves, huh?



And berries...

 And fruit...

Okay, I apologize for the rotting apple picture, but I thought the lady bug eating away in there was just too cool. We have an awesome pear crop this year...we've been stocking our fruit bowl for the past couple weeks and still have tons. Going to make a pear crisp today. Big baking day around here actually--need to make brownies for this week's lunches and make banana bread as we've got some bananas going to the dark side.
And :D. I was so thrilled that I caught a shot (albeit a blurry one) of a couple of stragglers. So very fall.

And speaking of fall...I'm very excited about Dewey's Read-a-Thon. And if that doesn't snap me out this funk, nothing will. :D


Amanda said...

Gorgeous pictures. I miss fall so much. It's not the same here.

I hope you get the better of that funk. I've been sort of in a reading funk, too. :(

Chris said...

Oh Debi, I'm sorry to hear about your funk :( I wish there was something I could do to help you out of it!! Is there? You need a nice cup of tea, Debi :)

Those pictures are just gorgeous!! I love the close up of the group of dead flowers...looks like they're all staring at some type of sci-fi thing!

And pears! Oooh, I love me some pears! I wish I could come stop by for some pear crisp...that sounds delicious!

Debi said...

Thanks...and I hope you get over your reading funk soon!
And I really am sorry that you don't get the kind of fall you're used to! I can only imagine how much I would miss it...not having "fall" would be majorly funk-producing, I'm sure.

Thank you, sweetie! But don't feel sorry for me...I'm trying not to feel sorry for myself. But just your comments make me feel better. :D
I love the dead flowers, too. They're probably my favorite of all the pics. Not sure what that says about me. ;)
And hey--you KNOW you're welcome to come here for pear crisp any time! Or anything just tell me your favorites, and I'll cook them all! Well, maybe not those little creatures you eat down there...I couldn't buy them here, and probably couldn't bring myself to cook them anyway. ;)

Jean said...

Funks are okay from time to time, Debi, as long as they don't become one's permanent state. Fall is further along in NY than here in VA; it's nice to see what we have to look forward to. Did the Book Festival goodies arrive? There should be a couple things in there to entertain the boys for a bit. Hang in there; this funk, too, shall pass.

Debi said...

"This funk, too, shall pass." Don't ask me why, but I just love that!
Yes, we did get all your wonderful goodies from the book fair. Thank you! Making you a thank you card is one of the half a million things on my to-do list that didn't get done this weekend. :( *sigh*

Nymeth said...

I'm so sorry you've been down, Debi :( You now where to find me if you ever need to talk, right? And by the way, it's not called an "excuse"'s called a "reason" :P

Hmmm...pear crisp. That sounds delicious! And I love your garden pictures, especially the ladybug eating the apple :D

Vivienne said...

What fabulous pictures. I am thinking what fantastic scrap pages they would make.

I hope you come out of your funk soon.

Debi said...

Thank are so very sweet to me. I do know where to reach you...goodness knows I've done more than my fair share of crap dumping on you already. And you honestly cannot deny that! :D Just one of those times when I know I have nothing to be complaining about. In fact, I actually feel guilty for feeling blue. But of course, that's silly too. As Jean said, "This funk, too, shall pass."
Isn't that ladybug picture cool?!! I don't know why, but I absolutely love that photo!

Thank you!
And I'm with you...I can't wait to scrap these babies. For some reason, pictures like these are some of my favorite kind to scrap. Maybe because I pressure myself to make the ones for my kids so perfect (which, of course, they never are), but with these kinds of layouts I can just relax more and have fun "playing."

Staci said...

Hey Lady,
You did something to get yourself out of that funk and that was to go outside and just have fun!! I loved the rotten apple photo. And the one with the leaves in the bird bath...fall scenery is a favorite of mine. Some days everything seems monotonous, but when you change it up every now and again look what happens!!! Now, the next time you feel this way I challenge you to put the timer on for 30 minutes and make one scrapbook page..NO CHEATING ON THE TIME!! After the timer goes off photograph it and post it!! I can't wait to see it!! :)

Care said...

awesome photos! I love the ladybug one, especially and the dead flowers are actually very nice. and creepy! in a good way. like RIP! I have some awesome pear pie recipes if you want some...

Eva said...

I don't think it's whiny! And you can always e-mail me. I go through funks quite a bit, although I try to keep them as short as I can. :)

I'm in a bit of a reading funk lately. It's a bit frustrating, but my room is cleaner than it's been in ages. ;)

Ali said...

I'm not doing much reading or blogging lately, either, and I'm trying not to feel guilty about it. (Which is funny, because when I'm doing a lot of those things, I feel guilty that I'm spending too much time on them!). Hang in there and try not to get too stressed about school.

Love the ladybug in the apple.

Shanra said...

Nuuuuuuuuuuuuu! You're not whiny! *huggles* I'm sorry to hear about your funk, hun. If there's something I can do to help you must tell me!

And those pictures are gorgeous. (Is it bad that my first reaction to the rotting apple was "Ladybird! Hey, wait, that apple is rotting"? No, it can't be bad. I'm sure that's a good sign.)

Autumn is such a gorgeous season...

DesLily said...

i need reminders of how much i miss fall and spring .yup.. *sigh* I can't believe you photoed a milk weed plant! I haven't seen one of those since I was a kid!..yeah yeah back in the stone age there were milk weed plants!

Susan said...

Oh Debi, I'm so happy I could help with your funk! I didn't know you lived so close to me, either. Upstate New York, eh?....

I really liked your photos, especially the dead leaves and dead flowers ones. I love the one with the leaves in the bird bath. That's autumn, for me! Your leaves are changing the same way ours are, it's like the colour is falling over the trees, isn't it?

and if you could send a brownie my way...... :-D

and I know all about school, once the homework is done (how does a grade 2 girl get at least 1/2 hour every night?), suddenly I have like maybe an hour of free time (spent making lunches for the next day!) and then it's bedtime!

Trish said...

I'm sorry about your funk, Debi. I know that's no fun, but hopefully things can slow down a bit soon. And don't feel like you're complaining. You're not!

And nothing brings me out of a fun like the 'thon!! Yippeeee!

Your pictures are lovely--even the rotting apple (hi cute lady bug!), and there is something strangely beautiful about the dead? flowers. And don't get me started on the foliage. We just don't get fall here...such a bummer!

Hope you're having a good day, love.

Rich said...

Love that ladybug in the apple. Awesome shot.

Melody said...

I'm sorry about the funk, Debi. I hope you're feeling much better now.

I love your pics! They're beautiful!! Who says you don't have a talent in photography?! ;) Pear crisp sounds yummy!!

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