Monday, November 30, 2009

our holiday weekend--a visual

I'd planned to try to jump back into the blogging world today with some mini book babble and whatnot, but life (or at least this damn virus, which technically isn't living) had other plans. I seem to have gotten the flu. :(  I honestly can't remember the last time I actually had the flu...but I'm pretty sure that's what this is...fever of over 102, alternating between uncontrollable shivering and being thoroughly drenched in sweat, feeling as if my body was hit by an eighteen-wheeler and one of those wheels is still resting squarely atop my head, wheezing that reminds me of Annie in the midst of an asthma attack. Put simply, I feel like crap. But as mothers everywhere know, there's no such thing as a "sick day." Just figures that the boys don't have school today and tomorrow, huh?

Okay, okay...enough bitching and whining. Brain is not up to thinking. But hopefully I can handle uploading a few pictures from our long holiday weekend. It was a bit subdued this year...missing a dear friend and worrying about another...but we still managed to have a lot of family fun.

Cooking, and crafting, and wrapping. Oh my. (Started making Christmas cards, but yikes, I've got a long way to go. And I got my Book Blogger Holiday Swap gifts wrapped and ready to mail, but I'm thinking a trip to the post office is not going to happen for me today.)

The trees, big and small, went up. (The kids each have their own small tree in their bedrooms.)

Oh, how I love that sweet, angelic face to the right...despite the fact that "angelic" is quite misleading. ;)

And to this mom's eyes, this girl's beauty far outshines the tree itself. 

Our "big" tree is decorated solely in ornaments made by family and friends. :D It's such fun chatting every year about who made each one. Even the pipe cleaner garland was created by Gray a few years back. And which I have to admit I thoroughly love...and not just because I adore its creator.

And tree decorating wouldn't be tree decorating without eggnog and Christmas music.

Baker singing along. This dog freakin' loves Christmas! (Especially opening presents.)

But he's not the only one who has been caught under the tree.

The cats, thus far, have stayed out of the tree. However, thanks to Lucky, we have had our first holiday mishap of the year, as evidenced in the before and after shots above.

And I managed to get a lot of other decorating done, too. Though I'm far from finished.

 Here's to a happy holiday season for all.


Eva said...

I LOVED this post Debi. Except for the part about you being sick-that's awful. :( But all of those pictures were so heart-warming! Since we moved to CO, my parents go cut down their own Christmas tree, and between the sadness this week, and them being out of town next week to celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary, I'm betting we won't have the tree up until the second week of December. But you've inspired me-I might pull out my mom's Christmas decorations and set them all out to surprise her when she gets home.

Amanda said...

Oh oh oh! I'm so sorry you're sick Debi, and at the same time so happy you were able to put these pictures up. I just want to hug you! I love that your kids have small Christmas trees in their rooms! We have a small tree like in that picture, it even has a burlap base like that! We have it over our bookshelves, though. And those handmade ornaments! That's awesome! We have a tradition to go out and buy one ornament for each of us each year. We haven't done that yet this year...our tree is getting full. I miss being able to get a real tree. They're dead and spraypainted here, plus way too expensive, so we just have a plastic tree. :)

Get better soon, Debi!

Literary Feline said...

I hope you feel better soon, Debi. :-(

Thank you for sharing the photos with us. You have such a beautiful family.

Have a good week and get well!

Carl V. said...

I am glad you guys had an enjoyable holiday weekend despite your illness. And yes, that is definitely the flu. My prayers and thoughts are with you that you will get better quickly and that the rest of the gang will be spared.

Wonderful pictures. Annie is growing up so fast. They all are really, but I notice it with her the most. That's an attractive group of kiddos you have there.

I too broke an ornament or two during the decorating process this year. Par for the course, really. I don't mind the breaking so much as trying to get all the little slivers cleaned up so that they don't end up in someone's foot.

Chris said...

Sorry to hear you've got the flu Deb :( It's hell, ain't it? Just rest up as much as you can please and get well soon!!!

I absolutely loved this post!!! So wonderful! Everything about it from the pictures, the people in them, the decorations, and the theme behind it :) We have a lot of decorating to go still too and I've been stressing like crazy because I really need to wrap gifts and get them mailed! But I still have a few days, so I should be ok...I hope!

Jason Gignac said...

We put ours up yesterday, too, and I even tweeted a few of our ugly ornaments :D. I love the tree skirt, My mom made one like it when I was little: quilt squares, lace edging and all :). I have to say I'm a little dissapointed - I expected at least ONE of the fam to be dancing around in a Santa hat, camera-hogging, after you guys' vlog... :P

Jason Gignac said...

Oh, and, as for glass ornaments, we never had them when I was little (probably smart in our house), and I was always jealous! Especially when we were overseas with all the beautiful blown glass ones in germany....

Care said...

Hi Debi! love the photos and the christmasness. Hope you feel better very very soon.

Nymeth said...

Oh no! I so hope you feel better soon, Debi dear! But other than that, this post was full of awesome :D My tree isn't up yet, but I'm so looking forward to decorating it. I feel all Christmasy already...I listen to Christmas songs, I mail packages to people I love...ah, December :P <3

The broken balls - happens every year here. Cats and Christmas trees are always an interesting mix :P

Jean said...

Your post makes me so glad that I was able to get my H1N1 shot last week while at the doc's to see about my finger (which reminds me that I really should call and see what the x-ray said). You may not be done decorating for Christmas, but what you've put up so far is more than I have the energy to do, largely because I know it will be me putting most of it up and me taking all of it down. As for some presents to go under that tree, I hope to get mine in the mail tomorrow or the next day, spread between two parcels. I hope you're feeling a-okay by the time they get there if not sooner!!!

Staci said...

So sorry to hear that you are unwell!!! I hate it when it happens because there is really no one there to take care of the mommy!!! Loved all of your photos and those handmade ornaments are what make life special!!!! Your dog singing along made my day!! Keep smiling...and here's hoping that you feel better soon!!

Melody said...

Lovely, lovely post, Debi!
I hope you're feeling better now!

I love all the photos. Reading this post and viewing those pics have once again remind me Christmas is approaching very soon! :)

Megan said...

Aw, Debi, love the pics! The tree looks great! Definitely half the fun at my house is the discussion of the origins of the ornaments, too. We also have a pair of lunatic Christmas loving dogs. =)

Sorry to hear you're feeling awful. I had a cold all weekend and felt pretty miserable. Today it's letting up a little. Could it have been that miracle drug - buying really cheap books at Book Closeouts (I did it to make myself feel better...and it actually worked?)? Or maybe it's just run its course....but I prefer the other one (because who doesn't need another good reason to acquire books?). Anyhow, hope you manage to get some rest and feel better soon. Take care of yourself!

DesLily said...

your photo's are so wonderful Debi... gives me memories of when my kids were young.. it really IS the best time of the year and of life around the holidays when you have young kids!!

I hope you are beginning to feel better.. that's awful to be sick!!!

kreed said...

It looks fabulously festive! And it freaks me out when I see how grown up the kids look. Although I am not sure you should be blogging when you have the flu (and your symptoms are just like the ones I had the last time I had the flu) - you should be resting! At least as much as a house full of kids and pets will allow! Feel better!

Ali said...

Your house looks so pretty! I love the Santa shelf with the wreath over it.

I'm sorry you're not feeling well. Hope you feel better soon.

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Beautiful! You've put me in the mood for Christmas.

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